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Dessert cake with egg whites

Dessert cake with egg whites

Eggplant sheets with walnut and cocoa: I used a tray with a size of 34/25 cm lined with baking paper. I let the egg whites thaw in the evening, I put them in the bowl of the robot, I sprinkled a powder of salt and I mixed well, then I added the sugar and I continued to mix until I got a strong meringue. Separately I mixed ground walnuts, flour and cocoa then incorporated this mixture into meringue, with slow movements from bottom to top. I divided it into 3 approximately equal parts, I put the composition in the tray and I leveled it. I preheated the oven to 180 degrees, I set the function with ventilation to the electric oven, I put the tray in the oven for 14 min. We wet the worktop with cold water, take the sheet out of the tray and put it over the wet worktop, with the help of a knife with a wide blade we open the sheet from the baking paper, then it is left to cool. do the same with the other 2 sheets.

Almond egg white sheets ": The egg whites with a pinch of salt mix well, then add the sugar and mix until you get a hard meringue. Separately mix the ground almonds with flour and then incorporate in the meringue with slow movements from bottom to top. divide into three equal parts and bake 3 sheets, proceed in the same way as for the walnut and cocoa sheets.

Cream: Mix the liquid cream well until you get a firm cream. The mascarpone cream together with the raspberry jam is mixed well, then the whipped cream is added and mixed for another 4-5 minutes until we obtain a homogeneous cream.

Assembly: In the tray in which we baked the sheets we place a baking paper, then we place a sheet with almonds, a layer of cream, sheet with walnut, layer with cream, we alternate like this until we finish the sheets, the last layer is cream, a very layer thin over which we draw lines of melted chocolate. Let the cake cool for a few hours then portion it with a knife passed through hot water.