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Five things you didn't know pumpkin could do

Five things you didn't know pumpkin could do

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Article by:Diana Moutsopoulos

Pumpkin is delicious in soups and cakes, but why stop there? Check out these unique ideas for a delicious pumpkin-filled autumn!

Super soft cookies


These cookies are soft and cake-like, like a little pumpkin pillow. Using pumpkin also means that you don't need to use as much fat, so they're lighter than the average butter-laden cookie.

Try the recipe: Spiced pumpkin cookies

Brownies made better


Brownies get a makeover for autumn. Rich chocolate brownies are marbled with a perfectly spiced pumpkin mixture. Skeptical? decadar's five star review says "We all loved it".

Try the recipe: Marbled pumpkin chocolate brownies

A tasty roasted snack


Carving a jack o'lantern or making pumpkin puree? Don't bin the seeds! They make a nutritious and tasty snack, whether you prefer them sweet or savoury.

Try the recipe: Roast pumpkin seeds

Crispy fritters


If you like bhajis or pakoras, you'll love these Indian-inspired pumpkin fritters. Add extra curry powder or your favourite mix of Indian spices for even more flavour. Perfect pre-curry fare!

Try the recipe: Curried pumpkin fritters

Scrummy scones


These pumpkin scones are full of warming autumn spices. They're lower in fat, too, which of course means you should enjoy them straight out of the oven with lashings of butter!

Try the recipe: Pumpkin scones

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