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How to joint a rabbit

How to joint a rabbit

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Article by:Brandon Aleson|Video by:Allrecipes

Learn how to joint a rabbit with our step-by-step guide and video.

What you'll need...

• One rabbit
• Sharp chef's knife
• Cutting board


Separate the hind legs from the body by cutting through the joint. Pull one leg away from the body and cut down between the leg and the body. Cut through the joint. Repeat with the other leg.


Here's a little trick to separate the leg from where it attaches to the body. Think of the joint as a ball and socket. Bend the leg backwards to pop the ball out of the socket, then cut the leg free.


Separate the belly by cutting along the bottom of the rib cage on both sides.


Run your knife lengthways along the last rib, cutting through the belly and up to the spine.


Begin to separate the loin from the forequarter by first bending the spine backwards.


Then cut through the spine with the knife to completely separate the loin from the forequarter.


Separate the front legs from the body simply by cutting along the contour of the body; there are no joints attaching the forelegs to the body.

Watch the video: How to joint a rabbit (May 2022).