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Pogacele with jumari

Pogacele with jumari

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The flour is mixed with lard, sour cream, a teaspoon of salt, egg yolk, yeast fermented in milk. Knead until it becomes an elastic dough, if necessary add a few tablespoons of milk, so that the dough does not come out too hard. Leave to rise until it doubles in volume.

The halves are given through a meat grinder or robot, they are crushed together with cumin and pepper to taste. After the dough has risen, take it and spread it and add a quantity of filling, ie jumari and spread it all over the surface. We run and let it sit for about 20 minutes, after which we do it a second time and a third, that is, three times. Also put a quantity of filling so that it reaches you 3 times.

After we are done with this we spread a thicker sheet again and cut with the glass or whatever we want, I cut with the glass, we put them in the tray. Let them sit for another 15 minutes until the oven heats up, then grease them with a beaten egg and sprinkle with cumin and salt. Put them in the oven for 20-25 minutes until golden brown. I like colds and I think they are better that way.

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