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Cake with vanilla cream and whipped cream

Cake with vanilla cream and whipped cream

For the four sheets of dough, proceed as follows: separate the egg whites from the yolks and rub the yolks with the salt, sugar and vanilla sugar until they become frothy (I use a wooden spoon).

Then add in turn: oil, milk and mineral water and put the mixer into operation because we will begin to incorporate flour mixed with baking powder and baking soda.

First mix at the lower stage, putting a little flour, then at a higher stage, and when the dough thickens, remove the mixer and mix with floured hands.

We stop adding flour when the dough is no longer sticky, but we are careful not to be too hard, a dough that is a little elastic and easy to spread must come out.

Cover the dough with a foil and let it rest until you prepare the cream.

For the cream, put the 4 yolks in a bowl together with the sugar and salt and rub them well, then dilute them with a little cold milk, add the semolina, flour and further dilute with cold milk so that everything is well homogenized.

Heat the rest of the milk lightly on the fire and add the resulting composition over it, chewing continuously to mix everything well.

Boil the cream over medium heat, chewing constantly so that it does not stick, and when it reaches the boiling point, lift the bowl off the heat, immediately incorporate the butter cut into pieces and add the vanilla essence.

Cover the bowl with foil and leave it to cool. We put foil so that the crust does not form on the surface of the cream (I mix it from time to time in the cream until the final cooling)

Meanwhile, mix the whipped cream with the vanilla sugar and let it cool.

We return to preparing the sheets.

Divide the dough into 4 approximately equal parts.

Grease the back of the tray with a little oil (I used a 36/40 cm tray).

Grease the table with a little oil, as well as the rolling pin and spread the first sheet of dough, the size of the tray.

Turn the dough on a rolling pin and transfer it to the tray.

Put the tray in the oven and bake the sheet for 5 minutes at 180 degrees.

I do not usually preheat the oven, so for the first sheet the time is 5 minutes, then for the others it is reduced to 3 minutes.

Do the same with the other sheets, then let them cool well and assemble the cake.

Wash the tray well and wipe it, place a foil inside (optional to soften the sheets faster).

Incorporate the whipped cream into the chilled cream and mix well.

Put the first sheet in the tray, spread 1/3 of the cream over it, place the second sheet and press lightly, cover again with 1/3 of the cream and so on until the last sheet remains uncovered.

Lightly press the last sheet to level the cake well, cover the tray with foil, put a weight over the cake and let it cool.

We leave it for a few hours and portion it, I left it from evening to morning.

Garnish with powdered sugar.

Cake with walnut leaves and mascarpone cream & # 8211 Anyta Cooking

Fresh and flavored leaves with walnuts and honey, whipped cream and mascarpone, a fantastic cake!

Sheet preparation method: In a bowl put honey, sugar, mix eggs until creamy. Add the soft butter and mix until incorporated, then add the walnuts and mix with a spatula, add the rum or vanilla essence, add the flour mixed with the baking powder and knead well until you get a non-sticky homogeneous dough. The dough should not be very loud. Put the dough in a bag or foil and leave in the fridge for about 2 hours. Once the 2 hours have passed, divide the dough into 4 equal parts, spread the sheets on a tray with a diameter of 30/24 cm, keep the dough cut from the edges of the sheets and form another sheet at the end, so we will have 5 sheets. Bake the foil at 150 degrees for about 10 minutes, be careful not to burn in the tray 30x 24 cm

How to prepare cream: In a bowl put the mascarpone at room temperature, cold cream, sugar and mix until you get a cream, add the vanilla essence and ground walnuts.

Craita cake with chocolate and whipped cream by Simona Callas

These delicious and good-looking cake jewelry are sisters with Confectionery Indians , in the sense that they have the same composition, only the design differs. The base is made of sponge cake in the form of Indian shells, syrupy in abundance and glazed in fondant filled like a sandwich with a fine cream of bitter chocolate ganache and decorated with lots of cream. The differences between Crăiţe and Indiene consist in the fact that at Crăiţe both sides of the sandwich are glazed with white fondant (while at Indiene only the top is glazed with cocoa fondant) the crăiţi are placed on their feet, and the decoration uses a small chocolate ornament.

So, without saying too much, I present to you some of the most special and delicious confectionery cakes. If you like Indians, you will definitely like Indians. And if you feel nostalgic after childhood and after a time when in confectioneries the shop windows were full of cakes prepared from natural ingredients, and not from premixes, dyes and essences, these Crăiţe are a suitable choice.

If you like my recipes, please Like and follow my facebook page Simonacallas, where I offer you daily sources of inspiration for the menus of the day, occasion menus or special recipes. I also invite you to join the SimonaCallas Official Group, where I can answer your questions, give you culinary advice and I prepare for you beautiful contests, with interesting prizes.

Chocolate cake with vanilla cream

Simple chocolate cake recipe with. That's how this cake was born with a walnut meringue top (I missed something like that) and two delicious creams, chocolate and vanilla. Coconut cake with vanilla cream Recipes Cakes, Food Cakes, Tarts.

It requires ingredients at everyone's fingertips. Sheets with honey and cocoa and fine cream with dulce de leche and cognac. Cake & bdquoRaffaello & rdquocu vanilla cream - a dessert you will enjoy.

One of the magic you can do with a vanilla pod is to put freckles in a cream.

Eclairs with vanilla cream

I must admit that I am impressed by your performance in the kitchen!
I've never done eclairs before - I'm ashamed of it. I have to try! it seemed like a difficult recipe.
I'm selling you a tip: use starch vanilla cream instead of flour, it comes out finer (50 gr per 500 ml milk)

Claudia took it before me. everyone makes eclairs. what else would I do ... but I'm on a diet. but I made a salad. I really liked what your salad looked like. I breathe, Robert, when you do.

Claudia, the eclair recipe is not difficult at all. It looks pretty meticulous at first glance, but it doesn't really last very long. From what I realized, the most important thing is to have a good oven to grow the eclairs. I will try the vanilla cream starch, thanks for the advice.
She, the soul has to wait, for now I'm seriously thinking of making another portion of eclairs to "check" Claudia's advice: D You know that I always exaggerate with sweets :))

haha! you don't have to do everything!
I make 2 thinner sheets of pandispan / cake in a rectangular cheese between which I put vanilla cream, and on top sliced ​​compote fruits (I prefer pineapple) and gelatin for tarts. refrigerate for 2-3 hours. it is a refreshing and light cake, you can't stop eating!

Too late, I've already made eclairs again: D But the days haven't entered the bag, I'll try your cake too :)

then I'm waiting for feedback) Claudia

you can try to add a vanilla pudding to the cream, it gives it a much more beautiful yellow color! I saw the difference between the color it gives to an OUL cake or cream. It is very important to be country and the chickens to be fed organic food. Ehhhh, of course, that's when and if we can find such eggs. Life is a bit & quotobliga & quotsa we are content with what we have.

I try to make a vanilla cream for eclairs as "homey" as possible. As convenient as I am, I would only fill the eclairs with vanilla pudding - if I had it: D You're right, eggs matter a lot in a cream.

Hi. I am now trying your recipe and I noticed that the dough for the shells came out a bit thin and I can't make the shape in the tray. lays down. I was wrong somewhere and that's why? Thank you

If you followed the eclairs recipe exactly, then it may be due to the brand of flour used. It sometimes happens to me to adjust certain recipes. I hope you added a little more flour and everything went well.

Hi! I just tried the recipe :) I just have a problem .. I didn't have a baking sheet and I used margarine to grease the tray. the first series is ready, but I can't get them off the tray :( are they compromised? I would like some advice for the future. ms!

Hi Ioana! I don't think you should worry :) Don't peel the eclairs from the tray now, but after they cool. While they are still warm, the eclairs are softer and very sensitive, but then they will harden.

they got cold and I still couldn't .. the wallpaper of the tray with flour .. does it help? thanks!:(

Sorry for the delay, I didn't expect you to need any more assistance :) I would have even tried to force them with a spatula.
Now I understand why your scallop shells stuck. The tray had to be greased with margarine (or any other kind of fat) and then sprinkled with flour - this is the standard procedure. We learn from mistakes.

thanks! I hope to be more successful next time :)

With pleasure! Even if the look left something to be desired, I hope the eclairs were "quotable" though :)

thanks! I hope it goes well. I'm in the oven now.

With pleasure, I hold your fists! :)

Hi, I made eclairs but they came out raw, can you please help me by mentioning the temperature at which you made them in the oven and the time used, I have an electric one. thank you in advance

Hi! I hope you have heated the oven well before. I keep the ecler shells at 250 degrees C for 15 minutes, without opening the oven door. Then I leave them for another 15-20 minutes at 150 degrees C.
But baking is not exactly an exact science, each oven has its "personality" and bakes differently, it is best to monitor the eclairs and give the temperature lower after you notice that they swell and begin to brown.

Thanks for the prompt reply next time I will take into account the advice received. Congratulations for the site, I also tried the suberec recipe with mint and the beast came out. All the best

Thanks too, I hope they use your advice.

cream: beat the eggs with the sugar with the mixer very well ... put the flour, and when the milk starts to boil with the vanilla on the fire, add the egg composition. do not mix at first! when the milk boils and raises the egg composition, ONLY THEN MIX WITH THE TANK A FEW TIMES. one minute and the cream is ready. I saw this at luca montersino, the pastry cream. I hope you don't mind, Mr. Robert! recipe recipes. these days I also make eclairs and I will try your recipe!

Don't worry, I can't be upset when I receive advice or improved versions of the recipes I propose. I appreciate the trust invested in my recipe and I wish you success in preparing the eclairs.

Hi, I said I would make eclairs and I did! they came out as confectionery, especially because for lack of time I left them for about 10 minutes in the oven closed and off :) perfect. I will always take recipes from here that come out as in the pictures (or maybe better .. red and empty..haha). so thank you! katia.

:)) Romanian and empty. so it's clear they were better. The recipes on my blog should look at least as in the pictures. If they came out to me, a man who has been cooking for less than a year and a half, why wouldn't you come out too. )

wow awesome! It's a short time for such a performance in the kitchen. Ehehe, I've only been cooking for 3 years ... but what I like about this blog is that you only use ingredients at hand ... and the recipes are with spoons, glasses ... I like to thank you.

I generally cook simple and somewhat quick recipes, I think we can get something good without wasting all day in the kitchen. In the recipes on the blog they use local ingredients, accessible to anyone. If someone chooses to prepare a recipe of mine, I like to think that they can start cooking immediately, they don't have to go to a few different stores to find all the necessary ingredients :))

but baking powder is not put?

No, no baking powder is needed for eclair shells.

Today I also made eclaughter shells according to the recipe posted by you and they came out .. they are a wonder..I made the cream from a 600 ml milk and 2 puddings, one with vanilla taste and one with whipped cream. .thanks for the recipe!

With pleasure! I expect you to try other recipes.

How many grams of flour did you put in the composition. Because to be honest, it suits me perfectly when the quantities are converted from grams to spoons, but sometimes we can fool ourselves. with tip? In this case, how many grams does 5 tablespoons of flour mean?

125 g of flour and 120 ml of oil. I will add to the list of recipe ingredients, you are probably not the only one who wants to weigh in :)

And I forget, after you poured the flour all at once, you don't have to put the pot on the fire again for a while, I don't know, 1-2 minutes? Or did I pour the flour and mix it well until the dough came together, let it cool and then gradually add the eggs?

Then we don't have to keep the pot on the fire, the composition of the eclairs will burn if we do that. And the eggs will coagulate if we put them in the hot composition.

when I saw that they were swollen and they started to brown, I set the temperature to 150 degrees and they swelled :( do you know what is the cause ?!

From what you've written, you seem to have done everything according to my instructions, and if you haven't even opened the oven door, then it's hard for me to figure out what the cause may be. I don't know if in this situation one can blame a possible poor quality of the flour used, but I don't rule that out either. As you can see in the pictures of the recipe, the eclairs have not been as swollen as when they are in the oven over high heat, a slight decrease is normal.

mine have deflated completely and are slightly sticky inside as you say and I didn't open the oven door at all until I had to take them out of the oven. I certainly don't do it anymore. (

You shouldn't get hurt so quickly, we all make mistakes from time to time.

I declare you Master Chef! I also tried your eclipses, and they worked out a miracle for me. Only I changed the shape, I made them small so that a nut to put them in one gulp :)), I sprinkled them with 2 tablespoons of finneti with a tablespoon of butter to give them a 10 grade look, they came out 45 pieces, the cream has reached exactly the last one! Even the dumplings came out according to your recipe, thank you very much, a wonderful evening.

Wow !! I am declared Master Chef and I see this exactly after 4 days. :) The first question that comes to my mind: is the prize of 50,000 euros taxed or not? : P
I also like the little eclairs that you eat in one gulp, but I don't have much patience to make them: D

Hi hi, today I am in the 5th round of eclairs, I also do it for my colleagues and teacher, I drove them crazy with your eclairs, with patience. I'm doing well, especially when I know how good they are. I once filled them with ole creams, my brother thought it was ice cream: D
I thought so. that I could also fill these shells with a cheese paste with butter and dill. I think it would look really good.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. That is if your heart lets you do it, usually dessert beats food :))
Everyone has something to gain: I get praise, my colleagues get bored and you, while doing them, have become an expert in preparing eclairs :)

For the glaze I suggest the caramel glaze from Dr. Oetker. gives an identical taste to that of commercial eclairs. these powders may not be very healthy, but they are good and bad, not to mention time-saving

You know what the people on television would say now: Stefania, stop by the cashier! :)) They still deserve the advertisement, their glaze also seemed very good to me, the eclairs really look like those from the confectionery.

Grade 100+ if possible, Robert! They are wonderful, now I took them out of the oven, and the cream is delicious (I replaced the fine with starch). Thank you!

Mada, on my blog anything is possible, especially when it comes to being praised: D I think I should specify in the recipe that starch successfully replaces flour, I do not know how many people have the patience to read all the comments of the recipes.

mmmm very good !!
Are you married? :)

Hi! It's clear, you haven't discovered the blog for a long time, otherwise you would have already found out the answer to the question :) I'm not married yet.

thanks for the recipe, my husband is a fan of eclairs and now I will always make them because they are made very easily and quickly. I changed the cream recipe a bit because I put only 2 tablespoons of flour, the reason being that it seemed to me that it didn't boil enough (specifically the fact that I make the cream directly on the flame over low heat). You have many interesting recipes to try. :)

With pleasure! I was expecting the cream to come out too thin with just two tablespoons of flour, but it doesn't seem to be the case since it didn't flow from your eclair shells.

I have a problem in terms of weight, ie 5 tablespoons of oil are much less than 120 ml. so what I use .. well it probably depends on the spoon, I used a regular spoon and I had to put about 10 to get 120 ml

I think you can easily put somewhere between 90 ml and 150 ml of oil. I published the eclairs recipe two years ago, and in the meantime I changed my spoons and now you made me curious - I just measured with the new spoons and 5 tablespoons gave me 100 ml :)

I went from the walnut cake to the eclairs. The eclairs came out very good but I admit that I changed the recipe a bit. For the eclaughter shells out of necessity. The problem arose when I added eggs. It should have been eight but I stopped at six because otherwise the composition would have come out too soft. However, they baked very nicely. I combined the cream with a vanilla pudding and in ecler next to the cream I added whipped cream. Instead of the icing I melted the chocolate on a bain marie. In conclusion, even now I didn't manage to spoil the eggs :). I wish you a good and sweet day.

:) Nicoleta, in vain you weighed all the ingredients, because in the end the eggs were still unweighted. And guaranteed eggs have different sizes - which confirms the fact that sometimes we have to adapt the recipes a bit, we can't make them like pharmacists :) Just like you did: you noticed that the composition of four eggs would come out a bit thin and you giving up an egg (I understand you made a double portion of eggs). So this time not only did you not break eggs, but you also saved two: D

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It has semolina, cherry compote, vanilla pudding, cream and chocolate. An excellent cake with vanilla cream, mascarpone and whipped cream that you will definitely like. Pudding powder is mixed with vanilla sugar and a little milk. Dessert with vanilla pudding and strawberries & # 8211 Recipes-Tastes.

Set the pudding aside, mix it with the vanilla essence and leave it to cool. Beat the cream with the sugar until it turns into cream. Peel a squash, grate it and slice it. Milk pudding with whipped cream and vanilla taste. Store at temperatures of 4-8 degrees Celsius. To be consumed, preferably, before the date inscribed on.

Place the vanilla pudding on top of the biscuits, followed by another layer of biscuits. Pour the biscuit cake on a plate, cover it with whipped cream and garnish with raspberries. A unique combination of the taste of hazelnuts, chocolate, vanilla and whipped cream… Is it possible more than that? Turn the heat to low and add all the flour at once, stirring vigorously, until.

A classic cake with vanilla top, butter cream, rum and chocolate, with a caramel decoration. The classic Ecler with a fine cream of vanilla pudding and fondant. A tasty top of cocoa syrup, vanilla cream, cream and berries.

Chocolate Cream And Cream Cake

Put a part on the plate and syrup, add the nutella, spread well and then the whipped cream. On top we put the cream and over the whipped cream that we obtain with liquid whipped cream and powdered sugar beaten with the mixer. A sponge cake top with creamy cocoa syrup and chocolate icing just contains that but it's delicious.

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Put the other side of the whipped cream on top and glaze with heated nutella.

Cake with chocolate cream and whipped cream. By miha February 12, 2018. Cake with chocolate cream and whipped cream ingredients. As a basic idea. Then put 1 3 whipped cream and the rest of the icing cream 1 half of the countertop.

Syrup the top with 200ml of boiled water and rum essence. By miha, February 12, 2018. I portioned it and finished the chocolate garnish, which I melted with butter. The strong point of this cake without baking with chocolate and whipped cream is the impeccable taste, the fascinating combination between biscuits flavored with milk and honey, thick chocolate cream and the layer of whipped cream.

Half the top 1 3 whipped cream 1 2 icing cream 1. I discovered mascarpone creams when I lived in Italy and since then I use them for various cakes and cakes being hard creams that keep their shape that can be used in various ways . Proceed identically with cream 1. The year 2018 I did not start it in the best form some health problems keeping me away from what I like.

Cream cake and chocolate fondant. 400 ml whipped cream 400 gr white chocolate or a vial of vanilla syrup essence. The cake without baking with chocolate and whipped cream is a quick and delicious cake, a recipe that you can make in no time without special techniques or a lot of effort. 200 gr sugar 400 ml vanilla essence water strips of lemon peel glaze.

Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Chocolate cream with whipped cream and mascarpone. Water with sugar and vanilla essence mix. A chocolate ganache contains equal parts of whipped cream and chocolate this ratio of 1 1 is applied to chocolate with 30 40 cocoa.

8 eggs 8 lg sugar 6 lg flour 2 lg cocoa vanilla essence. Cream the cream with sugar and vanilla essence and mix. 100 gr dark chocolate 50 ml liquid whipped cream 20 gr butter decoration. The apple cake with vanilla cream is easy to prepare.

Lightly press the top over the creams, put the rest of the whipped cream and pour the icing cream 2. Commander cake with chocolate and whipped cream by simona callas this commander cake with chocolate and whipped cream is as good-looking and impressive as it is easy to prepare . This is the frothy and airy stuffing used to fill the mascots of cookies and the marshal cake offers the recipe here. The worktop is cut in 2.

Cake with caramel cream, whipped cream and mascarpone

Cake with caramel cream, whipped cream and mascarpone or & # 8230cake with the ingredients that are most common in my house & # 8211 except chocolate, of course. Through this introduction I think I have expressed quite a lot. That is, when I have a craving for cake, there are great chances to make something that contains these ingredients. And not just cakes, we just know very well that cheesecake, ice cream, mousse or cakes go well with whipped cream, mascarpone and caramel. It is a sweet, delicious and irreplaceable combination.

This cake is not hard to make. We combine a fragrant vanilla top, a fine and delicious caramel cream and at the end we bring the layers with mascarpone and whipped cream for a spectacular result. Enjoy!

100 gr butter
3 eggs
120 gr sugar
240 gr flour
1 pinch of salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
100 ml of milk
100 ml yogurt

Caramel cream
150 gr sugar
25 gr brown sugar
3 tablespoons water
500 ml of milk
2 eggs
2 tablespoons flour
100 gr butter 80% fat

White cream
250 gr mascarpone
2 sheets of gelatin
200 ml whipped cream
2 tablespoons powdered sugar
50 ml milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preparation time: 2 hours Baking time: 30 min. No servings: 20

Mix the soft butter & # 8211 at room temperature & # 8211 with the sugar for 5-10 minutes until it becomes creamy and aerated. Add eggs, one at a time and mix well after each addition.

We mix the flour separately with the salt powder, the baking powder and the baking soda. Add half of the dry ingredients over the butter cream and mix gently. Add the milk, yogurt, vanilla and then the rest of the dry ingredients and mix a little until smooth.

Preheat the oven to medium heat (180 degrees). We line an average 20/30 cm tray with baking paper. Pour the top composition into the pan, level and put in the oven. Bake the countertop for about 30 minutes until it passes the toothpick test. Remove the countertop on a grill to cool.

We mix the eggs with flour and 100 ml of milk. Mix well until you get a homogeneous composition.

We put the sugar on the fire together with the water. When it starts to boil, slightly increase the flame and do not touch it. When it gets a golden color, take it off the heat and gradually add the milk, stirring constantly. Put on the fire again until the caramel dissolves completely in the milk. Then add the egg cream, stirring constantly. Leave the caramel cream on the fire for 6-7 minutes until it starts to boil and thickens slightly.

Take the cream off the heat and add the butter. Mix well then give the cream cold.

We hydrate the gelatin in cold water. Put the milk on the fire and bring it to near boiling point then turn off the heat. Add gelatin and mix well.

Mascarpone mix well with powdered sugar. Whip the whipping cream together with a teaspoon of vanilla sugar.

Incorporate the milk into the mascarpone cream then add the whipped cream with light movements from bottom to top.

We cut the cooled countertop into two pieces horizontally. Place the first piece of countertop in the tray where I baked it and spread half of the caramel cream on top. Put the next piece of countertop and then the rest of the caramel cream and level. Spread mascarpone cream on top.

Let the cake cool for 4-5 hours or preferably overnight. We decorate it with burnt sugar, caramelized nuts and then we can portion it according to preference.

Cake with vanilla cream and whipped cream

Countertop, - 4 eggs, - 150 gr sugar, - 3 tablespoons milk, - 3 tablespoons oil, - 7 tablespoons flour, - 2 tablespoons cocoa, - 1 teaspoon baking powder, - a pinch of salt, Cream :, - 2 egg yolks , - 3 tablespoons sugar, - 2 tablespoons flour, - 1 sachet of vanilla sugar, - vanilla essence, - 250 ml milk, - 70 gr butter, - 200 ml liquid cream, Garnish :, - 200 ml liquid cream, - 50 gr chocolate, - 1 teaspoon butter

Difficulty: low | Time: 2h