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9 Super Green Christmas Decorations

9 Super Green Christmas Decorations

Easy, money-saving ways to decorate with herbs for the holidays with herbs, greens, and pinecones

A recent issue of Scientific American reported that mistletoe may be extinct in 20 years. And the holidays aren’t complete without mistletoe, right? So that either means we’ve got to get all our smooches in now or think of a smart alternative should this holiday merry (match?) maker disappear.

This year, I’ll choose the latter. Instead of buying some measly mistletoe that everyone else always seems to have, make mint or basil the new mistletoe and hang a special pot from the door molding that can double as a kitchen garden come January (because herbs will come in handy for adding lots of flavor to those lightened-up dishes we’ll be making then).

Click here to see the Easy Christmas Decorations to Make with Herbs Slideshow.

Mistletoe aside, there are a number of unique ways to deck the halls for the holidays that won’t break the bank or make you feel like you’re following in your mother’s footsteps. And all you need are greens from outside, or herbs from your garden or local market. Plus, your money will go farther, as all of our ideas, from centerpieces of herbs or pinecones to fireplace herb bundles, have new life long after Santa comes and goes. And should you forget the rosemary for that roast rack of lamb for Christmas Eve dinner, that wreath filled with sage, rosemary, and dried chiles will come in handy.

Click here to see the Easy Christmas Decorations to Make with Herbs Slideshow.

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The Spruce Eats / S&C Design Studios

Cinnamon is a favorite flavor of the winter season and it's fantastic when infused into a great bourbon. Making cinnamon whiskey at home is very simple and it's the ideal base for a new take on an old favorite. The Santa's flip pairs the whiskey with amaretto, egg, and cream to create a luscious holiday cocktail.

The Pioneer Woman's Cowboy Christmas

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Ree Drummond's biggest party of the year: a festive Christmas potluck and ranch-style soiree. Plus, get Ree's recipes from the holiday feast.

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Photo By: Shane Bevel ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Kenneth M. Ruggiano ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Kenneth M. Ruggiano ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Kenneth M. Ruggiano ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Kenneth M. Ruggiano ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Kenneth M. Ruggiano ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Kenneth M. Ruggiano ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Kenneth M. Ruggiano ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Shane Bevel ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Shane Bevel ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Kenneth M. Ruggiano ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Kenneth M. Ruggiano ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Kenneth M. Ruggiano ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Cowboy Christmas

Christmas Ham

It wouldn't be a Christmas banquet without ham. Ree's special glaze, sweetened with raspberry preserves and spiced with Dijon mustard, makes the pork bright, shiny and festive.

Gingerbread Factory

Cowboy Cookies

Ree and her daughters use ranch-themed cookie cutters like boots, horses and cows for the full cowboy effect.

The Marlboro Man

Red and Green Kebabs

Grilled kebabs with sirloin beef, bell peppers and onions make for a Christmas-colored fiesta.

Quick and Easy Biscuits

Every cowboy feast needs homemade biscuits, especially on Christmas.

Creamy Rosemary Potatoes

Ree feeds a crowd with a gratin-style potato casserole, rich with cream cheese and Parmesan, and perfumed with fresh rosemary for a hint of Christmas spirit.

How to make Paper Plate Christmas Tree Whirligigs

We have another short and sweet Whirligig video for you to watch.. but again have Step by Step Twirler instructions (with photos) below! Choose which ever method you prefer!

How to make a Paper Plate Whirligig – step by step instructions

  • Whilst waiting for the paper plate to dry, you can start cutting out some cirlces for baubles and 2 paper stars. We cut out about 12 Baubles and I think used 9 of them… decorate if you wish!

  • Once your paper plate is dry, get your scissors and cute a spiral into your Paper Plate to make the Christmas Tree Twirler. It should look a bit like a snail.
  • NOTE: the thicker your snail twirls the more compact your Christmas tree will be.. the thinner.. the more “elongated” it will be. It is a style preference!

  • Take a piece of string and tie a knot one end. Then staple it into place.
  • Next you glue your paper star to the top of your tree – make the string stick between the 2 stars.

  • Now comes the fun bit (actually, all of it is fun). Take your hole punch and make holes into your baubles and into your Christmas Tree Paper Plate. On the paper plate, try and spread them out evenly.. but to be honest, we sort of added them as we went along… and then ended up skipping some holes. Again… it is really a matter of preference as to how many “baubles” you would like to add to your Tree Twirler!

  • Tie on each bauble with a peice of string. Now this can be great fine motor skills for younger kids. They can thread the string and you can knot it onto the tree for them.

And your easy peasy Paper Plate Christmas Tree Whirligig is FINISHED!!

Love Paper Plate Crafts for Kids? Check out this fabulous collection of Paper Plate ideas:

60 Classic Christmas Treats You Need to Make This Holiday Season

These festive sweets make for the perfect homemade food gifts, too.

'Tis the season for decorating, caroling and holiday gifting . and of course indulging in some classic Christmas treats. Whether you're craving a post-dinner Christmas dessert or you absolutely need a batch of classic Christmas cookies to start the season off right, there's nothing better than treating yourself to the holiday's most festive sweets. Lucky for you, we've got recipes galore for all of the best Christmas treats you could ever want!

From decadent Christmas cupcakes to delicious candy, fudge and more, these holiday treats make the perfect last-minute homemade food gift for all your friends and family &mdash and they're definitely Santa-approved and guaranteed to spread the holiday cheer, too. With that being said, we also wouldn't blame you if you keep these tasty Christmas treats for yourself &mdashespecially if you're planning to pair it with a Christmas martini or a warm, cozy mug of hot chocolate. Now the hardest part is just waiting to eat them until after the Christmas dinner .

Who doesn’t love garlic bread? Considering it’s a crowd favorite you’ll want to add it to the appetizer menu.

This isn’t any ordinary garlic bread recipe, it’s ooey-gooey cheesy and the pull-apart pieces make it an easy grab and go treat. To create the pull-apart pieces simply make generous slices throughout the bread and then fill with loads of cheese and garlic. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: LITTLE SPICE JAR

The Best Indoor Christmas Decorations

  • Ornaments
  • Backdrops & Scene Setters
  • Centerpieces
  • Candles & Votives
  • Stockings
  • Lighting
  • Wreaths
  • Religious Decor

Spread holiday cheer to your neighbors and with outdoor Christmas decorations. You'll find a great selection for your yard like luminary bags, Christmas yard flags and decorative outdoor string lights. You'll find holiday yard stake decorations including a Nutcracker, ornaments or poinsettias. Our religious yard stake decorations include the nativity scene, the wise men and an angel. Your family will love our grapevine, lighted snowman or sleigh decorations, as well as an assortment of adorable outdoor decorations too.

Plus, Oriental Trading has hundreds of ornaments to decorate trees. Choose a theme, a color palette or simply chose the Christmas tree ornaments you love. You can't go wrong with a selection this big! And guess what? There's a wonderful assortment of Christmas stockings too, so be sure to match your tree with some new stockings this year.

35 Easy Christmas Cake Recipes For Your Holiday Dessert Table

Enjoy a slice (or three) of these amazing holiday cake recipes.

Few things go together better than Christmas and amazing food. A classic Christmas feast includes delicious main courses, side dishes like mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts, and, if you're lucky, a Christmas dessert table that will take your holiday celebration to the next level. And just because Christmas dinner gets so much attention doesn't mean you can let Christmas dessert fall by the wayside. These easy Christmas cakes will look amazing on your dessert table, and they'll be sure to be enjoyed by guests young and old. Whether you want something colorful and bright like a red velvet cake or something innovative and new like a chocolate chip cookie pound cake, these are the best holiday cake recipes to make this year and every year. But do be warned: If you try one of these amazing Christmas cakes, your family will probably keep requesting it year round.

87 Festive Christmas Tree Ideas to Try This Year

Don't get your tinsel in a tangle! We have all the tips for trimming your tree.

There are plenty of ways to make your Christmas tree come to life this holiday season&mdashand create a look your whole family will love. From DIY Christmas tree lights to homemade Christmas ornaments and Christmas tree toppers galore, we've rounded up beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas that are inexpensive, easy to pull off, and even simple enough for your kids to help out with. Plus, they look fantastic on both real and artificial Christmas trees.

And while red and green hues can certainly help set the stage for a merry Christmas celebration, you can still have a gorgeous display without being completely color-coordinated. Consider trying to deck your tree with rose gold colors this year, or even walk on a bolder side by opting for blue Christmas decor. You can also deck your tree with ribbon, or try one of these glitter Christmas ornaments if you want to add some sparkle to your spruce. Whatever Christmas tree look you choose , the purpose of all of our best ideas is to encourage you to think outside the box, have fun, and bring your family closer together during December. After all, that's what this holiday&mdashand its green centerpiece&mdashis really about.

This 200-year-old farmhouse's Christmas decor includes a tree decorated with festive balls and paper ephemera&mdashlike sentimental numbers&mdashfound at flea markets and antique shops.

This tree&mdasha fit for those who love creating new ideas from vintage finds&mdashrepurposes prize ribbons as a garland. A velvet star topper and Shiny-Brite ornaments round out the nostalgic look.

This timeless tree incorporates classic touches like red balls and plaid accents, as well as natural elements like a dried citrus garland and a stunning rattan star topper.

A flocked Christmas tree gets dressed up with vintage glass bead garlands, cross-stitched ornaments, and velvet bows both as a topper and on pastel-wrapped presents.

This tree features details that harken back to earlier times, like a gingerbread garland, electric candles (a nod to the early way trees were illuminated), and a straw star on top. A quilted tree skirt rounds out the homespun vibe.

The Christmas tree and collection of vintage ornaments in this living room are at home among natural elements. The tree is perfected by a vintage tree topper.

When it comes time to trim a Douglas Fir tree, opt for homemade ornaments over store-bought. Craft homemade citrus ornaments and pair them with twinkling lights for an understated yet cozy tree.

Jazz up an entryway table with a mini balsam fir decorated with a plaid bow, cranberry garland, tartan ornaments, and clip-on candlesticks. A stoneware crock serves as a tree stand.

An all-white spruce serves as an eye-catching foundation for sparking snowflakes, pastel baubles, putz house accents, and a sweet ice-skate topper. A hatbox evokes a bit of jet-set glamour.

Red plaid is such a fun theme for any family room around Christmastime, since almost everything can be coordinated to match. This room features the pattern in a garland, on the presents themselves, and even on the kids' pajamas.

How cute is this? We're into the idea of using a vintage candy box or antique cookie tin as a tree stand for one of these small Christmas trees.

There are few things more beautiful than vibrant red poinsettias. Still, these navy ones might just give them a run for their money.

Get the tutorial at The House of Wood.

Stacked hay bales make for a stunning&mdashand incredibly original&mdash"Christmas tree." This cowboy-approved idea features a Lone Star topper and a few simple string lights.

There's barely any green to be seen here&mdasheven on the tree itself! Blogger Jen Woodhouse matches her living room decor to her tree decorations beautifully.

Get the tutorial at The House of Wood.

Giant bows make for an extravagant statement&mdasheven on smaller trees. Here, their gold colors add shimmer and shine too.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

These antique toys have been used as under-the-tree decorations for decades now&mdashand it's easy to see why. They're adorable! Let them chug around your tree skirt for a vintage look.

We don't just love this white Poinsettia tree because it's beautiful, though that certainly counts for something. It's also practical: The large flowers allow for less overall decorations, since they take up so much space on the tree.

Get the tutorial at The House of Wood.

I mean. we've never seen anything quite so fabulous in our lives. Have you? Who needs a real tree when you've got this much glam?

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

Sweeten up your Christmas decor with candy galore! Lollipop ornaments, peppermint baubles, and gingerbread house decorations garnish this colorful tree.

The Christmas-colored garland and ornaments are perhaps the most classic ways to decorate, but the tree topper&mdasha gingerbread house!&mdashis something adorably unexpected.

The galvanized tree "skirt," milk cap ornaments, and metal star tree topper go perfectly with the reclaimed wood throughout this country porch.

You can still have a beautiful display without being completely color-coordinated. Incorporate both store-bought and homemade ornaments&mdashalong with white or multi-colored lights&mdashfor a unique setup.

Make a black-and-white tree feel perfect for your country chic home with warm white lights, gingham accents, rustic signage, and wooden snowflakes.

Get the tutorial at Crafted Sparrow.

This candy cane creation features the Christmas confection, plus gingerbread ornaments and popcorn garland for a statement that's ready to be savored.

Get the tutorial at A Thoughtful Place.

Here's a pro tip: Make your tree feel extra full with fluffy feathers tucked in between branches. They'll add extra texture and fill in all those empty holes.

Get the tutorial at Jeweled Interiors.

For a set up that looks straight out of nature, adorn your tree with faux or fresh florals. Make it fun with a rainbow array, or keep it simple by sticking with two or three shades.

Get the tutorial at Sugar Bee Crafts.

While red and green can feel a tad overdone at Christmas, this beauty feels fresh thanks to the soft green leaves layered throughout.

Get the tutorial at Just Destiny.

Maximalists will love this over-the-top tree featuring several layers of snow-covered decorations, sparkling poinsettias, and metallic baubles.

Get the tutorial at A Pumpkin and a Princess.

The Christmas tree in this camp-style California cabin is peppered with pennants from National Parks and roadside attractions.

Make Frosty the star of your holiday home by adorning your tree with snow-themed ornaments and a special finishing touch&mdasha top hat tree topper.

Get the tutorial at Fox Hollow Cottage.

Hit up your local thrift store, flea market, or antique shop for vintage Santa dolls and ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Get the tutorial at Jennifer Perkins.

Black-and-white ribbon add instants punch to your Christmas tree. If this palette doesn't work for your decor, you can customize the look by choosing a plaid buffalo check ribbon in hues that complement your style.

Get the tutorial at Parties for Pennies.

Skip the expensive Christmas village sets and opt to make your own at home with papier-mâché versions and some bright paint.

Get the tutorial at Lolly Jane.

Though this Christmas tree might look simple, the handcrafted gold candles and tassels feel romantic and nostalgic, all while embodying the magic that makes the holiday season feel so special.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.

Whether you're spending your holiday by the seashore or want to bring some of that beach beauty inland, your Christmas tree is the perfect place to show off your collection of shells. Finish the look with turquoise ornaments and starfish tree topper.

Get the tutorial at Crafts by Courtney.

Get your craft on by creating your very own ornaments with help from a DIY pom pom maker. These bright balls make quite the statement, so you won't need much more for your Christmas tree.

Get the tutorial at Sugar and Cloth.

Blogger Nora Murphy made the Christmas tree in her Connecticut home smell even more fragrant with the addition of dried fruit and gingerbread ornaments.

The owner of this Michigan farmhouse uses her collection of 4-H Ribbons and retro ornaments to deck out her Christmas tree.

The Junk Gypsies outfitted their tree with metallic accessories including a thrifted bass drum, which they fashioned as a Christmas tree stand, and a gold crown used as a tree topper.

Though the tree is the centerpiece in this family room, holiday-appropriate plaid accents, like the red and green throw on the ladder and the scarf on the caribou, add timeless charm, while vintage wrapping paper ups the nostalgia factor.

If your home is decorated with fresh whites and natural textures, you'll love this simple tree featuring elements from the great outdoors, such as pine cones and pieces of cotton.

Get the tutorial at Love Grows Wild.

Featuring jolly red lettering, this former potato chip pail is the perfect vessel for a mini tree.

This tree couldn't be more festive with springs of snow-dusted pinecones , twine ornaments, marquee letters, plaid ribbon, and woodland creatures.

Get the tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous.

Use a vintage tin as a container for a tiny Christmas tree to place on a cabinet.

Overflowing with good tidings, this "friends and family" tree features an assortment of holiday greeting cards (clipped to jute rope with mini clothespins) and a spirited mix of jewel-toned ornaments from the '50s and '60s.

Wintry woodland frills (owl and deer ornaments, a forest of flocked bottle-brush trees in lieu of a skirt) evoke the snow-laden trek to grandmother's house, while flickering clip-on, battery-operated candles are reminiscent of the tapers in her windows. Antique snow shoes and skis reinforce the frosty feel.

Perfect for a kids' room, this retro tree is as jolly as Kris Kringle himself, thanks to a vintage tree stand and old-school ornaments .

Adorned with jingle bells, red jute webbing runs down the length of the tree. Burlap poinsettias add a decorative touch, and a seven-point star hand-crafted from vintage sheet music hits an especially high note. Antique sleds are a practically sized sub-in for a one-horse open sleigh. Tip: Assign each family member a sled, and pile on gifts accordingly.

Icy blue Christmas decor with touches of silver, gray, and gold make this Christmas tree a dazzling one.

Get the tutorial at Refresh Restyle.

Fuzzy felt mittens lend a hand to the cold-weather theme, as do snowmen, snowflakes, and ice skates, all in a crisp blue-and-white palette. On the stairs, another sprinkling of snowflakes and a pair of vintage ice skates spruce up a simple, rambling garland. Below the tree, a glittering Christmas village atop faux sheepskin rugs makes for a cool alternative to the standard gift display.

This Christmas tree shines in shades of gold, white, and blue. If you don't have a mantel, simply hang stockings from thick twine.

Put a spin on a traditional advent calendar by boldly displaying numbers around a tree on boxes, containers, and packages.

Get the tutorial at Tatertots and Jello.

Creating this ombre tree is easier than it looks! Simply arrange your existing ornaments by color to create this rainbow effect.

Get the tutorial at Lines Across.

Sleeping bags for "campouts" turn this pinecone-covered Christmas tree into a hot spot for an at-home holiday getaway.

For the tree in this cozy Wisconsin cabin, a simple popcorn garland, glass ball ornaments, and a wooden crate in lieu of a tree skirt reinforce the room's-stuck-in-time vibe.

Papier-mâché ornaments in red and blue feature a fresh twist on traditional red and green.

Placed in front of her aunt's vintage enamel wood stove, blogger Virginia Fynes's rustic tree is decorated with birch sticks, glittered acorns and wreaths, hoop art, and feathers.

Get the tutorial at Fynes Designs.

Toy soldiers, painted white, along with green globes decorate the Norwegian spruce in this Connecticut farmhouse.

Just looking at this "birds and berries" tree puts a smile on our faces!

Get the tutorial at DIY Showoff.

Patterns of plaid and tartan cover this tree and are complemented by bright red and blue ornaments.

Get the tutorial at Craftberry Bush.

The classic country pattern gets turned into the prettiest Christmas tree decor.

Get the tutorial at A Pumpkin and a Princess.

Any avid hiker will get a kick out of this camping-themed tree, decked with marshmallows, vintage backpacks, little lanterns, and more mini camping gear.

Get the tutorial at Lil' Blue Boo.

Topped with a snowy owl, this wintry tree is covered in rustic, woodland decor.

Get the tutorial at Giggles Galore.

For a "bring the outdoors in" theme, use shades of brown and cream to help achieve a rustic look.

Get the tutorial at The Charming Life.

Black-and-white striped ribbon wraps around a Christmas tree that's adorned with flocked branches and faux marble ornaments.

Get the tutorial at Just Destiny.

Attach three large reindeer on tree branches to make it look as if they are running through the forest. Top with a kraft paper reindeer trophy.

Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.

This Scandinavian Christmas tree is filled with dala horses, rustic ornaments, and beautiful red details.

Get the tutorial at Lil' Blue Boo.

Move over, red and green! Southwestern finds&mdashwhimsical tepee ornaments, sunset-colored gift wrap&mdashinfuse this neutral living room with uniquely festive style. Iconic tree trimmings, like cactus and dream catcher baubles cheer up the room with holiday charm.

This mini Christmas tree brings major country charm thanks to its burlap banner, galvanized bucket, and lantern ornaments.

Fluffy ornaments that recall pheasants and feather boas, pinecones lit from within, white porcelain globes, and origami-like poinsettias: These babies do rustic in a very refined way.

Cose Nuove imports the Finnish birch and felt ornaments that trim the tree in this Wisconsin home.

A tractor grill takes the place of a tree skirt in Serena Thompson's home.

A stone fireplace keeps an elegant Christmas tree toasty on the covered patio of this Arizona home, furnished like a full-fledged living room.

Carved-wood cookie molds and burlap ribbon decorate the living room tree in this Tennessee home.

For the living room's tree, the homeowners of this home limited themselves to basic glass ornaments in a handful of shades: blue, green, and gold. The presents beneath it benefit from a similar restraint.

Instead of one big tree, you can also opt to place multiple mini-trees throughout the house with different themes.

No need to go out-of-the-ordinary for something extraordinary. Use your staple holiday ornaments like Santa, snowflakes, and stockings to create a superfestive and fun tree. Choose ornaments in the same red-and-white palette to pull it all together.

Vivid robin's-egg blue ornaments lend this conifer top (often sold by tree farms and vendors) a touch of whimsy. Handmade taffeta birds alight in the branches, making their home among faux nests and glass- and foil-covered eggs. A champagne bucket makes a one-of-a-kind tree stand.

This tree celebrates the heavens with cookie decorations, baked with ready-made dough bought at your local grocery store. Plaid ribbon doubles as garland and packages are wrapped to match. Buy ready-made dough&mdashit's sturdier than homemade. Knead in 2/3 cup flour until smooth to increase dough's density, making it suitable for ornaments. Roll dough. Cut shapes. Make holes for hanging. Chill and bake per manufacturer's instructions. Decorate to suit your style!

A tree trimmed in traditional red and green emphatically says "Christmas" with top-to-bottom vintage letters. These letters culled from old signs, printers' type, and alphabet teaching aids punctuate this tree. Arrange them to make a statement, and spell out holiday words such as "Ho Ho Ho" and "Holly." Throw in silver starbursts, baubles, and tinsel garland for a stylish '50s aura.

Holiday time usually means more time&mdashand more people&mdashin the kitchen cooking and baking. A small tree introduces Christmas spirit without getting in the way. Green hobnail glass and kitchen utensils from the '40s and '50s inspired the mint green and cherry red palette of this tree. Hang utensils amid homespun touches such as popcorn garlands and crisp gingham ribbon.

In re-creating early American holiday tradition, consider decorating with little gifts, paper chains, cookies for children, and dried quince slices. Candles add a special, warm glow, but to ensure safety at home, opt for faux candles that are lit with bulbs.

So long, standard base-hiding apron: This kicky wicker mini provides contemporary cover with natural style.

In the Beekman Boys' house, poinsettias were turned into living ornaments, in a flash, with floral water tubes.

Frame fabric in embroidery hoops to create homespun ornaments with graphic good looks.

This fir tree is decked out with craft-store birds and painted pinecones.

Make eye-catching ornaments by creating custom tags with written messages or photos.

78 DIY Christmas Decorations to Transform Your Home Into a Winter Wonderland

These craft projects will make your home merry and bright.

'Tis the season for decking your halls (and trees, walls, doors. you get the picture). Sometimes store-bought (or even more convenient&mdashonline) is just the way to go, but there's something so special and charming about homespun DIY Christmas decorations that money simply cannot buy. Case in point: These thoughtful Christmas craft ideas and projects are impossibly easy, make for hours of forced family fun (we mean, voluntary family fun), and are easy on the wallet (we could all use a little extra dough to spend on gifts for kids and stocking stuffers).

From easy-to-make Christmas ornaments to simple Christmas table decorations and even show-stopping DIY holiday wreaths, there's something here for every taste and skill set. Handmade sweater stockings, a DIY advent calendar made using galvanized pails, and boxwood chair markers are just a few of the inspired ideas you'll find on this list. Don't even own a hot glue gun? No worries! The most novice crafters will find a suitable (and adorable!) project to enjoy.

Once the inside is all twirled up, take your creativity outside. We've included a few DIY outdoor Christmas decorations that'll have your front porch looking ready for the holiday season in a snap. For example, a wreath made of collected Shiny Brite ornaments gives your door a vintage-inspired feel, while "snow-covered" pine cones lend an organic, natural touch. Now let's get crafting!

Create your own candyland welcome with these wreath and swag ideas.

Make wreath at left: Arrange candy canes in a circle with the hooks all facing the same direction. Affix together with hot-glue (don&rsquot worry if the ends don&rsquot line up, as they will be covered). Top center with round peppermint candies, overlapping them slightly and holding in place with hot-glue. Thread ribbon through two candy canes at top to hang.

Make wreath at top right: Wrap a 12-inch foam wreath form in white ribbon. Attach candy cane sticks, small candy canes, and peppermint balls with hot-glue to conceal the form. Loop a ribbon around top of wreath to hang.

More Christmas Cocktail Recipes:

Jingle Juice Holiday Punch &ndash HOW TO VIDEO:

White Chocolate Peppermint Martini
A delicious combination of flavors this White Chocolate Peppermint Martini tastes as festive as it looks. It&rsquos smooth and creamy with a peppermint twist!

Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail
For the past two years, this Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail has been my personal go-to cocktail for the holidays. It&rsquos simple to make and sensationally seasonal.

Very Merry Ornamentini
Not only is this a delicious cocktail, but this Very Merry Ornamentini wins the award for best presentation. It&rsquos served in a glass ornament and garnished with sugared cranberries. This is another one of my favorite Christmas cocktail recipes.

Cherry Almond Cocktail
This creamy Cherry Almond Cocktail combines two of my favorite holiday flavors: cherry and almonds! They also pair wonderfully with my Chocolate Covered Spiked Cherries!

Bonus: Chocolate Covered Spiked Cherries
I know they aren&rsquot a cocktail, but I had to include these Chocolate Covered Spiked Cherries. They are soaked in booze and then dipped in chocolate for the perfect spiked treat.

Peppermint Espresso Martini
If you need a little pick-me-up after hitting the stores or doing holiday chores, the shot of espresso in this Peppermint Martini should do the trick.

Peppermint White Russian
This Peppermint White Russian is a delicious, seasonal take on the classic cocktail recipe. Garnished with a candy cane, it&rsquos likely to become a holiday party staple.

Maple Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail
This Maple Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail recipe is the kind of delicious tart-meets-sweet libation you&rsquoll want at every get-together from Thanksgiving through New Year&rsquos.

Watch the video: Πλεκτα χριστουγεννιάτικα στολίδια. μπαστουνάκιChristmas ornaments (October 2021).