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"Boy's" soup

the wings talk on the fire

it washes

the carrot is cleaned, washed and cut into slices / slices if it is not very thick

the onion is cleaned and washed, then it grows a little at the ends

the celery is also cleaned, then washed and cut in half

boil the wings, carrot, onion and celery

add salt to taste

from time to time it is said from above

when the meat is cooked, remove it from the pot, as well as the vegetables, except the carrot

strain the soup twice through a sieve

in the clear juice, boil the noodles

leave it on the fire until the noodles are cooked

finally add finely chopped parsley

it is served hot

Good appetite!

A famous doctor had sex with the boys

Yuri Savinov had never been absent from work in nine years. He was a famous and appreciated doctor. When they saw that he was not coming or answering the phone, his colleagues sent someone to the doctor's house.

There they found him dead, in a pool of blood, and next to him, a 15-year-old boy with a hammer in his hand. According to, Anton, the teenager, was one of the boys the doctor had sex with. And he gave her about $ 10 for each love match. On the night of the murder, Yuri had refused to give the kid money and he had killed him.

But the horror doesn't stop here. When they searched the doctor's apartment, investigators found his diary, in which he told how he raped the boy and how he had sex with others to whom he gave money. In addition, he described how excited he was when he had to examine a little boy at the hospital.

Girls and boys & # 8211 Inborn and acquired gender differences

When it comes to raising and educating children, we are always tempted to differentiate by gender. Many of the aspects by which we believe that boys differ from girls are not real, innate, but dictated by conventions, the environment in which we live, a certain traditional vision of raising children so circulated that we no longer question that perhaps some statements which we easily do are baseless.

Most of the time we don't even realize how many beliefs we have and how many statements we make are in fact nothing more than some stereotypes, clichés, prejudices.

There have been and are so many prejudices about & ldquobaietei versus girls & rdquo that we have been reflexive to promote and believe them: boys wear blue and girls pink, boys are restless and girls are good, boys like to be they play with cars and girls with dolls, girls are more conscientious, hardworking and learn better while boys are more relaxed and do not like school, girls are more breastfed unlike boys who are more independent.

Parents, grandparents or simple passers-by warn or admonish children as follows: & rdquoYou are a boy, why are you crying? Boys are strong, don't cry! & Rdquo & ldquoCry like a little girl! & Rdquo & ldquoWow, you're all mud, what are you, boy?! & Rdquo & ldquoYou're a girl, girls talk nice! & Rdquo and so on. We inoculate them with some ideas that they will assimilate and we will be dissatisfied later.

Many women complain about men not showing their feelings, not being orderly, not participating in household chores, but isn't this the traditional way they were raised?

Are there innate gender differences between girls and boys?

Of course, there are innate differences between boys and girls, but not as many as we think. We do not refer to natural biological, physiological differences, characteristic of the male and female sex, which in any case begin to be evident from the pre-puberty period, but to some related to differences in the brain studied by specialists.

The researchers found differences in the brains of women and men that begin to appear in the womb, different hormones, either estrogen or testosterone changing the structure of the brain before birth. Let's see what are the differences that give rise to the differences between the brains:

Girls have more neurons responsible for language processing & gt & gtThat's why most girls start speaking faster and more correctly than boys, as well as writing. Of course, it is not a universal rule, in reality there are girls whose verbal language is initialized later or boys who start speaking very quickly.

Boys generally have a better view of space & gt & gt That is why they are often more skilled in puzzles or lego and more passionate about activities that involve this activity.

Girls, on the other hand, are faster in developing fine motor skills.

Guys, because of testosterone, are more inclined to take risks, to get involved in physical aggression even, while girls are more cautious.

In general, girls are more sensitive to noise, which can be seen watching them play, the boys are usually noisier.

These are the real differences observed by the specialists and as I said, there are also & ldquo deviations from the rules & rdquo. The idea is to try to encourage children both to perfect their native qualities and to try to encourage them and practice the skills they possess to a lesser extent.

Differences between girls and boys & # 8211 What dangers do gender stereotypes hide?

Gender stereotypes can have harmful effects:

  • For example, the child's innate skills may remain undiscovered or may be discouraged because they do not correspond to gender roles, such as in the case of a girl who is very good at football and who enjoys playing the sport but is taken to ballet. as such & ldquoe feminine & rdquo or vice versa, of a boy who could be a good dancer but is guided to a sport & ldquomai of boys & rdquo
  • Exaggerated requirements may arise for children: "Little girls are not allowed to play in the sand because they get dirty / must be skillful / not to play too loud" or "The boys are not good to look crying / must be good at sports"
  • They can lead to discrimination and attitudes of rejection from others: due to gender stereotypes a sensitive boy can be ridiculed, considered & ldquobleg & rdquo or a more sporty girl can be called contemptuous & ldquobaietoi & rdquo and so on.

Differences between girls and boys & # 8211 How can we avoid gender stereotypes?

Of course, we must not fall into extremes, such as recent cases of parents who decide to leave the & ldquosex & rdquo section of the birth certificate blank, until the child whose sex it belongs to decides. There are differences between the sexes and they are natural, but a certain sex does not mean that it necessarily dictates certain roles and attitudes!

Girls should & ldquot & rdquo & rdquo be calm, shy, submissive, just as boys should not be encouraged by violence, sometimes with pride, & ldquoca is just a man, that's how they should handle it! & Rdquo.

It's good to let the child's personality manifest, to let the child have the freedom of choice without being afraid that & ldquovai of me, my boy likes to play with dolls! & Rdquo or & ldquode what does my little girl hate dresses? & Rdquo.

Let him try the activities he wants, to which he shows interest, even if it seems to you a field & ldquonaccording to his genre & rdquo, offer him a wide range of toys and ways to spend free time, to see which he likes, which suits him.

Talk to the child about prejudices and don't let him feel discouraged if his concerns are ridiculed as "suitable for a boy / girl", teach him to be open-minded and free-spirited.

Accept his free expression of emotions even if you are sometimes tempted to say that he is "too big / sensitive for a boy" or "too fierce, fighting for a girl."

Are you the mother of a girl, a boy or do you have a partner? Did you find yourself using gender stereotypes in your relationship with your child?

White-red cake, with egg white and strawberry top, recipe

A little cornstarch added to the raw meringue, as well as a teaspoon of. A successful pavlova must contain fresh eggs, sugar, starch. My favorite of all the sweets are the meringues. In the glossy meringue add the starch, vinegar and vanilla, mixing the composition by mixing the mixture for another 1-2 minutes. Beat the egg whites with salt and vanilla sugar until a thick foam is obtained, mix the powdered sugar with starch, add progressively, then beat in. A meringue-based dessert, simple, good-looking and delicate, with seasonal fruits. Cake Recipes, Dessert Recipes.

Beaten egg white for the recipe of pavlova with cream and fresh fruit. For meringue: -140 g of egg white (4 large egg whites). Types of meringue recipe leftover egg whites leftovers. Pavlova & # 8211 what it is and how it is done. The meringue top completed this dessert, making it irresistible! Ingredients: meringue top: - 5 egg whites. Add the starch and lemon juice, then froth for another minute. After we take them out of the oven, the meringues last even a week, if we put them on.

Pani Walewska cake with meringue, vanilla cream and berry jam. NESTS OF COCONUT CREAM. Meringue is a very adaptable dessert, which is used in countless sweet recipes.

Rare names of boys. Ideas to inspire you at will

"My child is special" - that's how every mother feels. Therefore, he wants his name to be a special one, to create a beautiful impression since it was said.

List of rare names of boys

Next, we have compiled a list of the rarest names of boys that parents in Romania could choose. Get inspired!

Names That Start With A: Adam, Achilles, Albert, Alan, Alecu, Alexe, Anastasis, Andy, Anton, Apollo, Arin, Aristide, Arif, Arden, Aron, Augustin
Names That Start With B: Baldovin, Benedict, Beniamin, Boris, Brad,
Names That Start With C: Călin, Carol, Carl, Castor, Cedric, Casian, Cezar, Codrin, Codruț,
Names That Start With D: Dacian, Damian, Darian, Dinu, Dodo, Dominic, Dorin,
Names That Start With E: Eiko, Emanuel, Erdal, Eric, Ernest, Eros,
Names That Start With F: Fabian, Felix, Floris, Francisc, Frederic,
Names That Start With G: Grațian, Gruia,
Names That Start With H: Harald, Hasan, Hector, Horatiu
Names That Start With I: Icarus, Ilias, Joachim, Ira, Justin
Names That Start With K: Kristof
Names That Start With L: Lambert, Leontin, Lorin, Lucrețiu, Ludovic
Names that begin with M: Marc, Mario, Martin, Maxim, Mihnea, Miron

Names That Start With N: Nicodemus, Ninel, Narcissus
Names That Start With O: Orestes, Orpheus, Oscar, Otmar, Omar, Otto
Names That Start With P: Pamfil, Panait
Names That Start With R: Radomil, Rafael, Ramon, Relu, Remus, Romeo, Ruben
Names That Start With S: Sabin, Septimius, Severin, Silvester, Solomon, Stan, Stelian, Sterian
Names that begin with T: Themistocles, Theophilus, Tiberian, Tabor, Titus, Titian, Thomas
Names That Start With V: Vadim, Vicentiu
Names that start with Z: Zora, Zorba

Rare names of boys and their significance

Adolf & # 8211 German boy name. It means "noble, majestic wolf."

Amadeus & # 8211 Latin boy name. It means & # 8222 the love of God & # 8221.

Ambrosia & # 8211 name of boy of Greek origin. It means "immortal."

Andreas & # 8211 name of boy of Greek origin. It means "man", "warrior", "strong".

Bruno & # 8211 German boy name. It means "brown".

Corvin & # 8211 Latin boy name. It means & # 8222corb & # 8221.

dantesque & # 8211 Latin boy name. It means "the one who lasts."

Darrin & # 8211 Celtic boy's name. It means "but priceless."

Entertainment & # 8211 boy's name of Romanian origin. It means "longing."

Elian & # 8211 name of boy of Greek origin. It means & # 8222sun & # 8221.

Fares & # 8211 boy's name of arabic origin. It means "knight".

Glad & # 8211 Latin boy name. It means & # 8222swing & # 8221.

Leonard & # 8211 German boy name. It means "brave as a lion."

Noris & # 8211 French boy's name. It means & # 8222north inhabitant & # 8221.

undine & # 8211 boy's name of scandinavian origin. Ondin was the supreme god of the Scandinavians, and the name means "divine creative inspiration", but also "madness, anger".

Rudolf & # 8211 German boy name. It means "famous wolf".

Sigismund & # 8211 German boy name. It means & # 8222protector & # 8221.

Tristan & # 8211 Latin boy name. It means & # 8222sadd, melancholic & # 8221.

Which boy's name caught your eye? Which do you like the most? Make your own list of rare boy names where you can put only the options you want to consider. Consult with your partner and then make the decision together. You can choose one, two or even three first names for your child. Say them out loud next to the last name to test if they are compatible. Good luck!

Are you preparing to become a mother? We also recommend "At the beginning of the road", the package that contains the most important books that a mother needs. Details HERE.

140 Names of Rare and Special Boys, from A to Z (meaningful)

The rarest names of boys, arranged alphabetically. What rare Romanian names suit boys. Biblical names and their meaning.

From ancient times the birth of a boy in the family has been considered a great joy, especially for his father.

The son bears the family name, is the future heir, is the hope and support of the family, and the simple phrase "I have a son" is filled with a sense of pride.

It is very important to choose a male name so that it is combined with the last name, it sounds good in the diminutive form and when colleagues call him at school.

However, for each parent his child is special and he wants his name to be special, to create a beautiful impression since it was said.

So, if you are looking for special rare boy names for the baby to be born, you are in the right place, because we have a long list, with rare and beautiful boy names, but also lucky.

Each of them contains a detailed description that will help you in your choice.

Mother's phimosis and instinct

The other day I was very upset because, at the insistence of some people, I decided to take my little boy to a surgeon, because, like most boys, he suffers from phimosis. For those who don't know, phimosis is a medical condition that prevents the complete withdrawal of the foreskin at the base of the glans in boys. On top of that, it didn't completely stink.

The doctor, after taking a look, without even putting his hand on it, schedules me, saying that I need to be "operated". & # 8220How do I say I need surgery? & # 8221 & # 8220Yes. We're going to put him to sleep, don't worry. & # 8221 And he leaves the office without asking the questions I had in mind.

He had scheduled me in a week, during which time my heart was like a flea's. I asked several people, each with different opinions, but in general, people advised me not to do anything if it was not inflamed or infected. Most mothers who went to the doctor with the child with so-called & # 8220phimosis & # 8221, and the child underwent an operation, said that the boys suffered quite a lot afterwards, it stung them very much when they urinated, they refused to do it, and they were even traumatized.

This morning, preparing the one to take him to the appointment, my instinct told me more and more not to do it. And, to be, still with a peaceful heart that it will be good, I go online again, to look on the forums, or to find articles, to calm down and to be convinced that I am doing well. But honestly, I didn't really find what I was looking for.

Instead, I found an article that made me decide to call the clinic to cancel the appointment. You can read the article here.

Dr. Adrian Surd, a pediatric surgeon at the Pediatric Surgery Clinic in Cluj-Napoca, says that many parents fear that if their little boy's penis does not come off, he will get infections.

This fear stems from the misinformation given by their doctors and the concern for lack of hygiene. First of all, parents need to know that it is not necessary at all to groom the area under the foreskin. The smegma produced is just a collection of dead epithelial cells, not harmful and not conducive to the growth of bacteria. Trying to groom a prepubertal boy's foreskin is the equivalent of grooming a little girl's vagina. It is totally without benefits, on the contrary, it is harmful. Premature decalotation allows the inoculation of harmful germs, disrupts the natural flora, creates scar, fibrous tissue, damages the structures involved and can lead to long-term complications. Second, parents need to know that decalotation of the glans is not a necessary function in childhood.”

  • do not rush to take off your boy's penile gland. If you did it because your doctors or friends recommended it then do not give up the decal now. The skin fissures have already occurred and the fibrosis has worsened. If you do not continue the decal, then the so-called will occur Scar phimosis which will sooner or later have to be operated on. The little boy may no longer accept the decalotation because of the pain. Don't bother him anymore consult a pediatric surgeon
  • you must be aware that sooner or later the glans will decal
  • there are boys with foreskin hypertrophy (enlarged foreskin) in which urine stagnates before being eliminated, favoring infections.This condition may require surgery.
  • if the boys have frequent inflammation of the foreskin and glans, the so-called balano-postite, without the decalotation taking place, surgery may also be needed.
  • there are boys with foreskin hypertrophy (enlarged foreskin) in which urine stagnates before being eliminated, favoring infections.This condition may require surgery.
  • if the boys have frequent inflammation of the foreskin and glans, the so-called balano-postite, without the decalotation taking place, surgery may also be needed.

I thank this doctor and suggest to all mothers to always act as their maternal instinct dictates. Here, he told me that if God made the boys like that, it means we have to leave them like that.

Names of ROMANIAN boys. The most beautiful 150 names of boys in Romania, in alphabetical order

Lately, mothers no longer choose the names of Romanian boys and turn their attention to the names of fashionable boys. But, Romanian names have their charm and should not be forgotten. Although they have an ancient history and come from Latin, Hebrew, Greek, etc., they have been assimilated into Romanian.

Here is a selection of the most beautiful names of ROMANIAN boys. Which do you like the most?

You can find over 1000 variants of boy names here.

Pregnant women and hormones go crazy

There is a saying among the people that women are crazy.

Confirm! And I think we should all admit that we're a little crazy. Some more, some less & # 8230 And in pregnancy, most of us go completely crazy ..

I think about myself that I have a normal dose of madness, but don't ask my husband (I'm just slightly ironic) & # 8230 Well in pregnancy, my hormones & # 8216 were on the fence & # 8217 (metaphorically speaking).

In both tasks I understood everything in a nutshell.

Surely everyone around me had something to do with me, especially my husband, that no matter what they told me, I felt the need to be defensive and sometimes slightly aggressive. Everyone who's been through this, you know what I'm talking about!

That there are some lucky, zen and happy, I do not deny! I was like that, but not all the time.

At the first pregnancy, in the 6th month I went to a fair of products for babies (in the autumn). I don't know if it's a baby expo or a baby boom, as I confuse them anyway.

We went to look for the carts. I wanted one to use at Maria's but to use later, we hoped it would be a boy. (And Alexander also came). As colors I wanted to suit both girls and boys and I chose white and blue. I chose a 3in1 and ordered it on the spot. We had to wait 2 weeks instead to arrive.

When he arrived, I noticed that there was a problem with a wheel. I made a video with what the problem is and I sent it to the company. They said they would send us another frame and put it in the box it comes with and send it back.

I stayed at home, due to some problems, from the 6th month, so I had time to take care of everything and couriers came to us at least twice a week with a package.

One morning I was called by a company that the frame was coming.

I'm waiting for the courier and I ask him to help me open the box to put the old frame. He replies that it is not possible, that he was not sent this and I cannot open the box until after I have signed and he leaves !! I explain that I have to send the old frame in the box from him. He doesn't and no! I could feel my flames coming out. I tell him I won't sign unless he takes the old frame.

I forgot to tell you that everything happens in the yard, in front of the house.

He says he is not interested and leaves with the package. I go crazy with the hormones, I pass him, I lock the gate and I seize him in the yard. Yep, that's exactly what I did. I told him he wasn't going anywhere with my frame! Now do an exercise in imagination and imagine what we look like with our bellies in our mouths, seizing a courier.

He looks at me, takes the package and throws it over the fence and jumps the fence & # 8230 To go crazy ?? Nuuu, escape!

I call my husband exasperated, he had already been called by the courier. My poor guy didn't know whether to laugh or ask who he took as his wife.

The conclusion was simple. I complained to the courier company, the company apologized and resent the package, the husband went home to talk to the agent, and the courier did not file a complaint for & # 8216 kidnapping & # 8217 & # 8230 complaining being a joke)!

Four types of genital irritation in children

1.Contact dermatitis

Causes: disposable diapers. This common type of irritation occurs on the background of always moist skin (moisture caused by urine and feces) which remains so because of the diaper.

What does it look like? The skin is usually reddened and slightly swollen along the diaper, around the navel and around the legs.

What can you try? Let the little one stay without a diaper for as long as possible to keep the skin clean and dry. In addition, try to use wet wipes without alcohol or perfume because these substances dry out and irritate the skin very much. The cream for the diaper area should be applied in a thick layer and it should contain zinc oxide.

2. Cutaneous candidiasis

Causes: candidiasis infection, a fungus that grows rapidly in a humid and warm environment, and the diaper area is the perfect place for it. Although candida is a part of the microbes that normally live on our skin, multiplication occurs when there is an imbalance in these microbes.

Diarrhea, acidic stools, ammonia in the urine, too tight diapers and skin reactions to soap or other cleaning products can contribute to skin candidiasis. In addition, cutaneous candidiasis may be a sign of an internal, gastrointestinal microbial imbalance.

What does it look like? Cutaneous candidiasis causes the skin on the folds of the legs, buttocks, testicles or vulva to be red and slightly swollen. Irritation does not take the form of a diaper as in contact dermatitis. Ulcers, blisters, pus wounds may be present. A distinctive sign of cutaneous candidiasis is the presence of small reddish rashes located around the main rash.

What can you try? Seek medical advice to find out the correct diagnosis. He or she may prescribe an antifungal medication in addition to a healthy diet and probiotics to maintain a healthy gut microflora.

3. Allergic contact dermatitis

Causes: allergies or irritants. This type of irritation in the genital area is caused by the allergic response to contact with an irritating factor. It could be an allergy to the chemicals and materials from which the diaper, wet wipes, genital cream, lotion, soap, shampoo or laundry detergent are made. Preservatives and perfumes are common allergenic factors in babies.

What does it look like? This type of irritation is more difficult to identify but appears as a redness and there may be areas where the skin looks worn, tanned. Most often, the baby's bottom is red and irritated, but it can occur wherever allergens come in contact with the skin.

What can you try?

You will have to work as a detective to find out what your child is allergic to. Antifungal creams or those with zinc oxide may not be very effective in this type of irritation. You need to pick up the list of ingredients and figure out what could be causing a baby's skin allergy.

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