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5 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Mains That Aren't Tofurky

5 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Mains That Aren't Tofurky

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Going vegetarian this year? Forget about Tofurky; here are 5 mains you should make instead

Don't worry about making a veggieducken this Thanksgiving; here are five other mains to please your guests.

Holidays are always particularly stressful: You're cooking for a large group of people, some of whom have differing dietary restrictions, and all the while trying to preserve the tradition of gorging and eating and drinking until you fall asleep with a plate of pie on your lap (what, just us?).

Planning a vegetarian Thanksgiving is no different; more often than not, vegetarians are relegated to the realm of creamed corn, mashed potatoes, and dessert. And while there's nothing wrong with a good helping of pumpkin pie for dinner and dessert, going vegetarian doesn't have to be all sides, no mains.

We've rounded up these five excellent main dishes that can take the place of a turkey, a painfully laborious veggieducken (above), or even Tofurkey (which are usually met with glances of disgust and aren't even used for Thanksgiving sandwiches the next day). You might have to forgo the traditions of carving the turkey and breaking the wishbone, but you can still serve wine freely and pile plates high with mashed potatoes and vegetarian gravy, all without worrying about your guests (meat eaters and vegetarians alike) going hungry.

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