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American pancakes with blueberry sauce (sugar-free recipe)

American pancakes with blueberry sauce (sugar-free recipe)

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In a bowl, put the peeled bananas and orange juice. Mix with a blender and add the milk.

Wash an orange well and then grate the peel and put it in the pancakes.

Add the flour, stirring constantly so that no lumps form. We should get a thick composition, like a fat cream.

Turn on the stove, prepare the pan and let it heat up. With the help of a polish, we pour the composition into the pan and form a not very thick disc. Let it bake on one side, then with a special spatula, turn the pancake. Let it bake, then transfer it to a plate. Do the same until you finish the whole composition.

Separately in a cup, put the blueberries and blend them. Add honey and blend again. We get a great version without sugar and fresh even at the famous jam.

They are great and do not require many ingredients, they can even be fasted, obviously replacing milk.