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Drink Like a Celebrity: 10 Drinks the Stars Love

 Drink Like a Celebrity: 10 Drinks the Stars Love

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Bring the red carpet to your living room by serving these celebrity-approved drinks


Sip like a star with these tasty celebrity-inspired drinks.

Hosting an Oscar party is an art form. Of course, making decisions for a party isn't always clear-cut. Do you put out the good silver or use your everyday flatware? Should you make a signature cocktail or just serve a simple drink? And, most importantly, what will you serve?

Learn to Drink Like a Celebrity

If you’re going to host a star-studded party, you need to think like a star. For Hollywood’s hottest, this night is all about the glamour, and what better way to be glamorous than to imitate the night’s most honored guests? Whether they’re nominated or simply attending, celebrities walking the red carpet will most definitely be enjoying a favorite drink (or two or three). As your guests gather around the TV, serve them what the celebrities are sipping to help give your red carpet party an authentic feel.

We rounded up 10 drinks favored by specific celebrities who know a thing or two about celebrating. Whether you like your whiskey strong and neat like George Clooney or prefer something fruity, like Madonna’s favorite pomegranate martini, we’ve got a wide range of celeb-approved drinks to choose from. Be sure you load up your bar cart with all the fixings and your Oscar party is sure to be a winner!

Beyoncé: Long Island Iced Tea

Queen B’s flawless demeanor and likeable personality led her and buddy Kelly Rowland to knock back a few Long Islands Iced Teas in a Miami karaoke bar, and we just love her for it. This delicious, multi-layered cocktail is easy to drink and will definitely get the party started.

Benedict Cumberbatch: Aperol Spritz

Oscar 2015 nominee Benedict Cumberbatch recently confessed his love for the Aperol Spritz cocktail. The Campari-like main ingredient, Aperol, is blended with a dash of bubbly Prosecco and a splash of soda. A refreshing and classy cocktail: would you expect anything less from Benedict?

Try the Aperol Spritz Recipe here!


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