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Strawberry cake - recipe no. 100

Strawberry cake - recipe no. 100

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Keep 8 strawberries for garnish, wash the rest, remove their tails and cut into halves or quarters, and put 8 sachets of Green Sugar on them. Stir and refrigerate.

Separate the egg whites from the yolks.

Rub the yolks with 8 sachets of Green Sugar, add cold milk and flour, mix and bring to a boil, stirring constantly until thickened, then allow to cool.

Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then mix with the vanilla sugar until the meringue is done. After that, put it over the cold cream and incorporate it.

Mix half of the cream and add over the cream.

Put cold water over the gelatin, leave it to hydrate for 10 minutes, then melt it on a steam bath and add it over the cream and mix well. Then add the strawberries, which are easily incorporated.

Put a foil in a pan, then put 8 biscuits, a row of cream, another 8 biscuits, then another row of cream. Leave in the fridge until the next day or until the cream hardens.

When the cake is ready, take it out of the pan and garnish with the other half of the whipped cream and the remaining strawberries.

Good appetite!

Pavlova cake with mascarpone and berries

Pavlova cake makes me think of refinement and finesse, and this is why I interpreted this week's theme: femininity. Pavlova inspires femininity in me, she is beautiful, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, just like we women are. We always want to look strong and show that, but inside we are soft and vulnerable, very often.
I'm not going to tell you it's easy. First of all you have to have an electric oven or one where you can control the temperature, you have to be patient for two hours until the sheets are baked, but I assure you that all this waiting is worth it.
Mascarpone cream and berry sauce balance the sweetness of the pavlova very well.
Ingredients for 3 sheets of meringue (18 cm): 7 egg whites, 1 pinch of salt, 350 g sugar, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon starch, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.
Mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they become foam, then add the caster sugar in three slices. Mix for about 15 minutes, until all the sugar dissolves and you get a thick and shiny meringue. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix for 1 minute.
Preheat the oven to 80 degrees C. On a tray lined with baking paper, divide the meringue into three circles, leaving space between them. We shape them with a spoon.
Bake the meringue for 120 minutes, at 80 degrees Celsius with ventilation. The meringue should be hard on the outside and white.

For the mascarpone cream: 400 g mascarpone, 300 ml whipped cream, 150 g powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.
Put all the ingredients in the bowl of the mixer and mix for a few minutes, until you get a thick cream.
For the fruit sauce: 400 g berries (raspberries / strawberries), 150 g sugar, 2 teaspoons starch
Put the berries, sugar and a small cup of water in a saucepan. Boil until you get a more liquid jam. Dissolve the starch in a little water and pour it over the fruit. Stir until thickened.
All layers should be cold, ie meringue sheets, cream and sauce. Pavlova is assembled 2-4 hours before serving, no more.
Place a sheet of meringue, 1/3 of the mascarpone cream and fruit sauce on a plate, then continue to alternate the layers.
Top with cream, fruit sauce and fresh fruit.

Text & Photo: Andreea Dianu

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It sounds delicious! I'll try it on the weekend too. Thanks for the recipe

It looks great! I even have some egg whites in the fridge from the chocolate trio cake. Thanks

Bake for 120 minutes?

Hello. Pavlova is my favorite dessert, and I've always tried all sorts of recipes, most from American chefs / youtubers and after baking, most leave it in the oven to cool, but mine always crumbles. In your recipe it is not mentioned how to cool pavlova. Can you tell me, please, how / where you cool it? Thanks.

P.S. I follow your recipes with pleasure, and your pizza tops are great. I always go out.

Catalina I open the USA oven and leave the pavlova there for 15 minutes, then take it out on the kitchen table.

those who do not have an oven that allows us a temp of 80 degrees and ventilation, how can we proceed?

Leave the door ajar throughout baking and watch the meringue. It may be done faster. Put a wooden spoon between the door and the oven.

If I have an electric oven, but it has no ventilation, is it a problem? Do my countertops come out of this kind of oven as well?

Denisa, I don't guarantee that the white meringue will remain, but I recommend you do it with 2 egg whites and try it.

Meringue cakes are my favorites & # 8230.but if I have a regular oven, how do I proceed with meringue. Thanks!

I cooked today for the first time, Pavlova with strawberries, according to your recipe.
It does not look very spectacular, because I did not blend the strawberries, they kept slices, but the taste, well, the taste is great!
My daughter, for whose birthday I also prepared my husband, was very pleased with him.
As for me, no words.

Thanks for posting such recipes on the blog.

Hi! I would like to make this cake for my son, but to assemble it the next day, is it a problem? You mean, like, nothing happens with meringues?

Nothing happens, if it is well dried it stays that way.

I have the same question, does the meringue harden if it is left to cool overnight and served only the next day? I saw that you mentioned instructions related to assembly, but not to serving. Thanks.

If it is not well dried it will soften, if it is well dried it can be kept without problems.

The recipes are very good. But also the advice posted.

It seems to me the most complicated to untie it from the baking paper. The meringue cracks forever with me. Is there a secret here too ?? Thank you

With a brush soaked in water, pass over the back of the baking paper, not too long, just until the meringue paper comes off.

Seems like a good recipe. I'll do it on New Year's Eve

question & # 8230can I bake 2 trays in the same oven with ventilation?

Can liquid cream be used instead of whipped cream?

One piece of advice please if possible.

I made the recipe and it came out perfectly. I baked at 90 degrees, because it is the lowest temperature in my oven, 120 minutes. but overnight it softened. It was left in the kitchen (no trace of moisture, condensation, etc.). In the morning when I wanted to put the cream on it, it was fffff soft.

Thank you and I wish you good health!

I did exactly as in your recipe, but it didn't bake well underneath, it's cream. I put the baking paper aside without any problems and it was taken with the meringue. A solution?

From my point of view, the starch should not be used for meringue, I made it with it and it did not bake underneath, later I made it without starch and it came out perfectly.

I agree with the meringue sheet, I do the same even if I have a classic gas oven. But I don't agree with madcarpone at Pavlova. The original recipe is with whipped cream.

Is it a problem if I make the meringue cream of today and decorate it tomorrow before leaving?

Hi! I tried the recipe for the first time last week, with great emotions & # 8230 I followed the steps exactly and a miracle of dessert came out & # 8230 I used frozen raspberry and frozen raspberry sauce (unfortunately I didn't find it fresh), and I used mascarpone cream flavored one with lemon juice & # 8230 I will definitely repeat the experience!

Hi! I tried the recipe for the first time last week, with great emotions & # 8230 I followed the steps exactly and a miracle of dessert came out & # 8230 I used frozen raspberry and frozen raspberry sauce (unfortunately I didn't find it fresh), and I used mascarpone cream flavored one with lemon juice & # 8230 I will definitely repeat the experience!

Very good recipe. I had a little fork with the meringue & # 8230 at 80 degrees it was crispy on top and crunchy on the inside. I left it for another hour at 140 degrees and it was fine. It was worth the effort. It's delicious.

For the meringues we greased the tray (so we did not use baking paper) with clean beeswax, bought from the market. When the meringue was finished baking, I peeled them off while the tray was still hot. Only now did I let them cool. The meringue borrowed a special waxy aroma.

I do not realize, it must be soft inside? At the mentioned temperature and duration, only a very thin pojghita comes out hard for me, otherwise it feels soft & # 8230 What am I wrong with? :)

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Strawberry cupcakes

Strawberry cupcakes or strawberry muffins, as some would improperly call them, in the end it's about the same thing: some very good-looking cakes, perfect for any special occasion. For these strawberry cupacakes I used a muffin base with lemon and strawberry cream with Italian meringue and butter that I recently published.

Why do I recommend them for special occasions? First of all, I recommend their appearance, I would say. It's hard for me to imagine anything more festive than these small, tender and tender cakes. Secondly, the possibility of serving dessert in individual portions saves you from some hassle at a party. Then, instead of a big cake of I don't know how many kilograms, we can prepare assorted cupcakes, in a few combinations of different flavors, so that we can satisfy the preferences of as many guests as possible.

I want to emphasize that the recipe for strawberry cupcakes that I propose to you today, in the form in which I prepared it, does not contain any food additives. No dyes, no baking powder. You know, I think, that I try to adapt the recipes in such a way as to use, as much as possible, natural ingredients. To succeed in this form, the preparation of the recipe has become a little more complicated. Those who want to follow the & # 8222short & # 8221, will also receive the recipe version with growth agent.

Preparation time: 00:40 hours
Cooking time: 00:20 hours
Total Time: 01:00 hours
Number of servings: 18
Degree of difficulty: average

Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

Strawberry Ice Cream Cake is a ice cream what can be prepared both with strawberries and with other seasonal fruits, raspberries, cherries, apricots, & # 8230.

Fruit ice cream in my opinion it is the best of all. We invite you to try others ice cream recipes prepared by us. Is a desert cool, good to enjoy on hot summer days. Find in the section Ice Cream Recipes many other ice cream recipes prepared without the machine.

Ingredients Ice Cream Cake with Strawberries

100 g sugar
100 ml water
15 g gelatin
1 lemon
400 g strawberries
400 ml whipped cream (Megle whipped cream I used)

Preparation of Ice Cream Cake with Strawberries

Put the sugar in 100 ml of water and heat it until it melts. We dissolve the gelatin in cold water (about 100 ml) and when it is hydrated we add it to the warm sugar syrup to dissolve. Strawberries are passed with a fork or a potato sieve so that the larger pieces of strawberries remain.

To the mashed strawberries add the sugar syrup in which the gelatin and 200 ml of whipped cream (unbeaten) and the juice of a squeezed lemon were dissolved. The remaining 200 ml of whipped cream is whipped and we add the strawberry composition to the whipped cream. Mix until smooth and then pour into a form lined with food foil (can be round or cake shape) and then put in the freezer for at least 2 hours. It can be served with strawberry jam, whipped cream or chocolate glaze.

Vanilla cake top & video recipe

Have you tried this recipe? Follow me on @JamilaCuisine or tag #jamilacuisine!

Recipe of vanilla cake top it is indispensable for anyone who wants to make a delicious cake at home. I simply hate commercial cake tops, they are dry, they have an artificial taste and I don't like the texture either. So I do not advise you to buy such a countertop but rather follow how to make the cake top with vanilla, easy and with very good results. Especially since it does not contain any chemical element, not even baking powder.

For this vanilla cake top, I chose not to separate the eggs. I find the whole version with whole eggs easier and I especially consider that the top comes out fluffier and taller in this way. When we beat the egg whites, we can beat them too much and we can get a strong and "dry" meringue, and when we add the rest of the ingredients, the volume of the egg whites can decrease considerably. On the contrary, if we beat whole eggs, they grow a lot, but they are not very strong either, but only good to incorporate flour in them.

The secret would be that the eggs are at room temperature and beat them well with the mixer until they triple in volume. You also have to be careful when incorporating the flour so as not to lose the air incorporated in the eggs. I put this vanilla cake top in a round tray with a diameter of 23 cm and let it bake until it is well browned on top. You must check it with a toothpick to make sure the countertop is ready. If the toothpick inserted in the middle of the countertop comes out clean, the countertop is baked.

If the top is left a little on top, do not despair, cut a lid to level the cake, then cut it as many parts as you need. If the countertop has sunk too much after you take it out of the oven, it means that it has not been baked well enough. I sincerely hope that the vanilla cake counter recipe will help you and prepare the best cakes with it.

What do we syrup the cake top with ?! Here are the best 13 syrup recipes for cakes and pies.

The syrup turns any countertop into a much softer, fragrant and delicious one. From syrupy tops you can prepare both cakes and rolls or cakes. We present below 13 syrups, which are prepared amazingly simple and fast. Choose your favorite recipe and enjoy your loved ones with the most delicious homemade cakes.

Recipe No.1 & # 8211 Chocolate Syrup



1. Pour the water into a large saucepan and put it on the fire. You will prepare the icing in the steam bath.

2. Arrange the syrup ingredients in a smaller saucepan. Cut the butter into pieces. Thus, it will melt faster.

3. Put the pan in the steam bath and mix until you get a homogeneous mass. Do not bring to a boil.

4. Syrup the hot (or hot) countertop with the hot syrup.

Recipe No.2 & # 8211 Coffee syrup


-2 tablespoons ground natural coffee


1. In a small saucepan, mix the sugar with 0.5 glass of water. Put the pan on the fire and heat the syrup until the sugar dissolves. Bring the syrup to a boil.

2. Boil the coffee from the remaining 0.5 glass of water. Let it penetrate well with taste and aroma.

3. After 15-20 minutes, strain the coffee, then pour it into the sugar syrup. Add the brandy and mix. Allow to cool.

Recipe No.3 & # 8211 Cranberry vodka syrup


-250 ml of boiled water (at room temperature)


1. Mix all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mass.

Recipe No.4 & # 8211 Liqueur syrup


-7 tablespoons liqueur (plain or fruit)


1. In a saucepan, mix the sugar with the water. Put the pan on the fire and bring the syrup to a boil. Stir regularly.

2. Allow the syrup to cool. Then add the liqueur and brandy. If desired, you can also use vanilla, boiled coffee or fruit essence.

Recipe No.5 & # 8211 Currant jam syrup


-0.5 glass of currant syrup


1. In a saucepan, mix all ingredients.

2. Put the pan on the fire and boil the syrup, over low heat, until the sugar has dissolved.

Note: It is a perfect syrup for cream cakes.

Recipe No.6 & # 8211 Kagor-based syrup


-1 teaspoon lemon juice


1. Pour the water into a saucepan. Put the pan on the fire and bring the water to a boil. Add the sugar and stir until the sugar dissolves.

2. Bring the syrup to a boil. Add vanilla, wine and lemon juice.

3. Allow the syrup to cool.

Recipe No.7 & # 8211 Syrup with green tea and lemon



2. Add the lemon juice and mix. Allow to cool.

Recipe No.8 & # 8211 Condensed milk syrup


-3 glasses of boiling water


1. Mix condensed milk with boiling water.

2. Add the vanilla and mix. Allow the syrup to cool.

Recipe No.9 & # 8211 Milk syrup



1. Pour the milk into a saucepan. Put it on the fire.

2. Add the sugar and boil the milk.

Recipe No.10 & # 8211 Lemon syrup



1. Wash the lemon. Cut half a lemon into slices.

2. In a bowl, mix all ingredients. Cover the pot with a lid and leave it at room temperature for 15-20 minutes.

Recipe No.11 & # 8211 Orange syrup


-0.5 glass of orange juice


1. Peel an orange. Finely chop the peel.

2. In a saucepan, mix all ingredients. Put the pan on the fire and simmer until the sugar has dissolved.

3. Make the fire even smaller. Boil the syrup for another 15 minutes, until its amount decreases 2 times.

4. Syrup the top with warm syrup.

Recipe No.12 & # 8211 Cherry syrup



1. Mix the cherry juice with the sugar and brandy.

2. Add water. You need to get 1 glass of syrup.

Recipe No.13 & # 8211 Pineapple syrup


-1 can canned pineapple (syrup)


1. Mix the canned pineapple syrup with a little water. Add lemon juice and a little brandy for flavor.

Strawberry cake - recipe no. 100 - Recipes

I come back tomorrow with the recipe, because I also participate with her in the April challenge, hosted by Alina - Happy Wife Blog.

Dough ingredient:
-530 g flour (I put 550)
-250 g butter or margarine
-2 tablespoons sugar
-1 egg yolk
-1 or whole
-20 g fresh yeast
-150 ml of milk

Dissolve the yeast in warm milk together with the 2 tablespoons of sugar. To the flour add 250 g butter or margarine, mix then add 1 egg yolk, 1 whole egg and warm milk with yeast. Knead until the dough is homogeneous and leave to rise for about 40 minutes in a warm place. Divide the resulting dough into 3 equal parts. We spread each part in the shape of a rectangle, put the filling and roll.
I made two poppy seeds and one with walnuts.

Poppy filling: (for 2 cozonacs)
-400 g ground poppy seeds
-200 g sugar
-lemon peel
-1 sachet of vanilla sugar
-200 ml milk

Boil the milk with the sugar and lemon peel and when it starts to boil, add the ground poppy seeds.
Do the same for the walnut filling.

Walnut filling: (for a cake)
-200 g ground walnuts
-100 g sugar
-lemon peel
-120 ml milk

Optionally, raisins can be added to any filling.
To avoid sticking and cracking the cakes, put a strip of baking paper between them. I forget every time. : D

Cake top recipe

A little respectable patience. : P Tomorrow comes the sequel. I didn't have time to make the cake today and I'm not 100% sure what cake to make. So I said to have the cake top ready and until tomorrow to decide :) I would like to make a cake with coffee cream, dressed in chocolate. What do you say, are you attracted to the idea?

Oooofff tomorrow will be a little late for. continuation. The idea attracts me in an irresistible way. Coffee is one of my vices and I love chocolate. I will have a white night full of all kinds of sinful desires with the thought of such a cake.

Hehe, sometimes I see that I can awaken sinful desires without making any effort. I'm also afraid to think about what I would be able to do if I tried a little: D Your answer convinced me, tomorrow I'll turn this countertop into a cake with coffee and chocolate :)

And what about my desires?

Hmmm. difficult to answer this question.

I didn't think it would be so hard. Anyway, some wishes are still waiting to be read as they catch the new year and they don't fit anymore.

Uooofff you don't keep your word, so another torturous night is waiting for me. Hehe luckily I made myself a cake, I'm thinking whether to show it to you or not.

Unfortunately something intervened and I really couldn't post the cake. I made it, the cake is now in the fridge :) I hope I didn't disappoint a lot of people, I'm not a big specialist in decorating cakes anyway :)) Tomorrow I'll put it on the site for sure, maybe show me your cake on fb)

Beautiful party at the turn of the year. Happy Birthday!

Those around you will be pampered.
Have a taste.

(and also write recipes with fish)
Happy Birthday.

You will know where to find my cake, if you are curious. Happy birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Robert I see that someone is still challenging you to the maximum :))) and you leave so hard. That cake is very good, I saw it too. She

Happy birthday to all! She, I don't give up, I just didn't have an internet connection. I posted the countertop and I barely managed to post the cake yesterday, even though I had the pictures ready for Thursday.

yes it looks good and I think it's super YOU REALLY ARE A MAN. AND YOU KNOW HOW TO COOK.

:)) I just checked and, yes, I'm still a man: D I can't say with my heart that I know how to cook, I'm just learning to cook. I hope I'm not bored, but comments like yours make me take myself more and more seriously :)) You realize that I didn't invent this cake counter recipe, I just read 10- 15 cake top recipes and I combined them according to my tastes. I made three different cake tops, then I chose the one I liked the most and I made it & quotvedeta & quot on the blog :)) And when I make a cake, I come here and read the recipe before I start : P

what does a cup mean? that is, a 250 ml cup?

Yes, we use a normal 250 ml cup.

diet recipes for sweets without sugar and fat do you have something in your notebook? something with sweeteners, soy milk, oats, etc. Thank you in advance! Happy Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of sweet diet recipes. Maybe that's because I've never tried. I promise nothing, but I will try to be more open to this kind of recipe.

I would like to know what is the measure for you of & quotcana & quot in ml I would like to know, that in all recipes it says a cup, but what is the measure. Thanks

I saw now that it is 250 ml. Sorry I love your receipes

It's nothing :) Rather than make a mistake, we'd better ask when we're not sure about something. Increase in the preparation of the countertop!

I made the countertop too. it turned out great, only I filled it with chocolate pudding.

You didn't want to complicate yourself at all. :)

It is a much simpler recipe and without baking powder for the cake top. And the countertop grows very well and is very tall.

You can write the recipe whenever you have time (but without any link, please). Otherwise your statement does not bring any benefit to the readers of the blog, it's as if I would say now that my car is much more beautiful than yours :)

Cake top = PERFECT. I have nothing to comment on, it grew superbly and remained superb until cooling. I say this because I usually take something nice out of the oven and when I put it on the table it deflates. Well done, Robert!
PS - My idea with strawberry mousse on the cake was a bad one and you could tell me! :-)) The next day his appearance changed completely, he looks horrible. Never again. Fresh and holy, I say!

I didn't realize that your idea with strawberry mousse was a bad one either. But all was not lost, you could remove it from the counter and replace it with holy cream :))

By the time I got there, it was eaten. :-) With his horrible appearance!

No, sir, mine wants to come out with humps and ready! I don't get along with him. no matter how much I swear at him, he holds on tight! :))
That looks perfect! :)

Try to take it kindly too. :)) Maybe it reacts better.

I liked the recipe and I will try it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With pleasure! For as many successful cakes as possible based on this countertop recipe)

a question about the Black Forest cake, is the top to buy or is it made with this recipe, just a spoonful of cocoa makes it so dark in color? laurel

Laura, the top of the cake is made according to this recipe. A tablespoon of cocoa is enough to make the countertop so dark in color, but provided it is not a poor quality cocoa.

Finally a countertop recipe. I was looking for one and this is the closest to what I want! I will definitely try it soon! thank you

With pleasure! After trying the recipe, tell me if the cake top came out the way you wanted.

Hi. Somehow you put a cookbook on the market? If not, why? I always cook after you write and I'm always on the phone next to me. it would be easier for me to stay with a book. Congratulations on what you do.

Thanks! You didn't sign, but I have the impression that I answered your question a few days ago - I didn't take out any cookbooks. I think you wanted to write & quotlaptop & quot no & quottelef & quot, right? :)

-someone said above a recipe without stuff that swells. I hope you don't mind me leaving my recipe here:
-In each egg I put 3 tablespoons of sugar and 3 tablespoons of flour + vanilla to taste.
-the idea is that I beat whole eggs with all the sugar at once, that is, I mix them until a super foam, then I add flour all at once, but I mix slowly with a wooden spoon.
-it is guaranteed to be swollen and does not taste like loafers. Katie
ps. (and I also enter from the phone on the site to see your recipes not only anonymously).
a good day

Katia, not only am I not upset, but on the contrary, I'm glad you wrote the recipe) And I'm glad you enter the site no matter how you manage to do it, even if you don't always find time to & quot & signal your presence :)

Ufff my temperature of 200 ruined my countertop. I didn't even hold it for more than "about 20 minutes" if we leave it longer, goodbye cake! And I'm kind of emotional, I don't know what's going to get out of his head. I'll be back with details.

Well, if you checked the cake after half an hour, you risk running out of dessert today. I can't give the fixed temperature and time either, unfortunately each oven bakes differently (it also matters where in the oven the countertop is located, if the oven has ventilation or not, or the fact that I have an electric oven and many have ovens on gas). Maybe it would be good if we cooked as simple as the Americans with their semi-finished products put in the microwave, where the exact time and temperature on the package is said. My opinion is that cooking is very much based on observation, I simply check the cake top at regular intervals. I hope that the countertop is not compromised, it could not burn so bad in 20 minutes.

it came out well inside me.. fluffy, burned a bit on the bottom and deflated a little the top..I am satisfied with the recipe, I think it doesn't bake my oven very well..thanks!

With pleasure! As you can see in the pictures of the recipe, it swelled at the top for me :) It may be because of the oven, I think you use one on gas, since the cake top burned on your bottom.

Hi I made this cake top last night and it turned out very nice and very fluffy thank you

You have nothing to do, Maria. now that your cake top is coming out, I'm waiting for you to try the cake recipes published on the blog :)

Very good and it came out first, even if I doubled the quantities, I made it for my birthday, I made the Black Forest cake and I impressed my guests, it was enough for 20 people, with double portions and packages for home. Thank you very much

I think you spent some time in the kitchen, I imagine you impressed your 20 guests with something other than cake :) Happy Birthday!

iuuuui how well it turned out. my countertop has grown by about 4 fingers !! is ffff happy, so thanks a lot for the recipe.

With pleasure, Vero! Now you sent me some of your happiness, so we're even :) I'm waiting for you to test other recipes.

Thank you very much! It came out and I admit it's the first time I do it :)

No problem. The first time is the hardest, next time it will seem even simpler :)

Happy Holidays from other lands.
Hi, I'm Ella and I'm writing to you from Luxembourg. I discovered the site on Facebook and I was conquered from the first "meeting". This year I organized Christmas at my house and I didn't know what cake to prepare as a dessert. So I appealed to you and I tried the cake counter recipe I had been buying so far. I'm sorry, but it was more practical. by no means better. As for the cream, I opted for simplicity: the mascaropne cream recipe, which I mastered without risk. The cake was very popular. Thanks for the help and congratulations once again for the interesting recipes you share with us.

With great pleasure, Ella! Reading your comment, I feel the need to thank you. Both for the beautiful words and for the fact that you let yourself be conquered from the first meeting :) You have good instincts, I don't think the site will disappoint you.
I'm glad that your cake top came out, that you liked it more than the one you bought, that you were appreciated for your efforts, that I also have a reader in the duchy :)
I was about to forget. you can talk to me pertu) Robert

Doesn't milk work instead of water?

Yes, milk can be used instead of water in the cake counter recipe.

Flour recipe! I get bn, or they burn at the bottom, or they don't bake bn. it's not good for anything. and my husband is always annoyed, so I keep trying to pamper him with different recipes at the kuptor and none of them work out for me, because of the stove. hihi: d until now not long ago fc and I beat them with whole eggs, and it wasn't fluffy, but a few months ago I also found out from a woman that it's better to beat egg white separately and it even comes out fluffy and fine. I would like to make this recipe with milk, I think it would be tastier, but the water is not bad either, I think. Scz I wanted to ask 5 tablespoons of oil aren't too many? Can't you feel the strong oil on the counter afterwards? Scz dak I upset you with something .. Ms All the best

The cake top with five tablespoons of oil seems ok to me, but you can try to put less if you think it could be better. If you try, tell me how the countertop came out, it never hurts to save a tablespoon or two of oil: D
I think your husband shouldn't be upset, rather he should be proud that you pamper him so much) Instead, I think I would buy you a new stove and let myself be pampered to the fullest :))
You didn't upset me with anything, you just left me a little confused: you trust my cake recipe, but you don't believe me when I say I'm a man. And when I think that when I started this culinary blog, that is two and a half years ago, I was afraid that maybe I was uninspired calling the blog that way, because I didn't know if the world would trust a man's recipes.


Good to find you dear friends! This year I confess that I took advantage of the strawberry season for which I want to share with you my recipe for strawberry cake. Este pur si simplu un deliciu gastronomic.
Pentru cele 2 BLATURI avem nevoie de:
- 4 oua
-1 varf de cutit de sare
- 120 gr. zahar
- 4 linguri de ulei
- 1 zahar vanilinat
- 150 gr. faina de grau
- 1 lingurita praf de copt
Se separa ouale, galbenusurile se amesteca intr-un bol cu uleiul, separat albusurile cu sarea se bat spuma, se adauga zaharul treptat, zaharul vanilinat, galbenusurile amestecate cu ulei iar la final faina amestecata cu praful de copt. Se amesteca usor cu o spatula, se imparte compozitia rezultata in 2 parti egale, se coc foile pe rand in tava rotunda cu fund detasabil cu diametru de 27-28 cm si captusita cu hartie de copt. Se tin la cuptor aprox. 10 minute sau pana se rumenesc frumos.
- 500 ml frisca vegetala (Hulala)
- 325 ml lapte condensat de casa ( reteta aici) practic 1 portie
- 1 pliculet gelatina granule
- 100 ml apa rece
- 2 linguri miere de albine
FRUCTE: aprox. 800 capsuni spalate si curatate (dar nu curatate toate de codita)
For decoration:
- 2 cubulete ciocolata neagra de menaj+2 linguri ulei
- 1 cubulet ciocolata alba de menaj+1 lingura ulei
- praf de Nesquick (cel ptr. lapte cu cacao)

Se pregateste crema. Gelatina se pune cu apa intr-un castron sa se "umfle". Se pune un vas cu apa la fiert ptr. a topi gelatina. Pastram 3 linguri de frisca lichida pentru a topi gelatina iar restul se bate spuma, dar nu chiar de tot. Peste gelatina umflata se pun cele 3 linguri de frisca lichida si se pune peste vasul in care fierbe apa pentru a se topi, atentie sa nu fiarba. Gelatina topita se adauga in laptele condensat, care mai pe urma se adauga in frisca batuta spuma, adaugam si cele 2 linguri de miere de albine si se amesteca bine cu mixerul.
Asamblarea tortului se face in tava in care s-au copt blaturile. - Peste unul dintre blaturile racite se pune crema, iar in crema se apasa usor capsunile spalate si uscate si fara codita. Se pastreaza capsuni mari si frumoase pentru decor. Se acopera din nou cu crema

Se poate acoperi cu glazura de ciocolata sau se pastreaza cateva linguri de crema se fac santuri fine si se pudreaza cu praf Nesquick (asa cum am facut eu). Se da la frigider.

Strawberry shortcake

Tort de bezea cu crema si jeleu de capsuni Desert Foarte ușor 30 min 20 min Ingrediente : 5 albusuri 250 g zahar 2 lingurite amidon zahar vanilat 500 g mascarpone 300 g piure de capsuni 250 g capsuni taiati cubulete piure de capsuni 300 g. . Am presarat blatul de lucru cu putin zahar pudra si am intins martipanul cu sucitorul pana am obtinut o foaie cu diametrul de cca 20 cm (cat cercul de tort). S-a intins foarte usor si uniform (martipanul este cumparat din Lidl la pachet de 200 g - eu am folosit jumatate).. Mod de preparare pentru reteta de Tort cu crema de mascarpone si jeleu de capsuni Cum se face blatul de tort. Separam galbenusul de albus, albusurile se bat spuma cu un praf de sare, cand s-au intarit si nu cad din vas in momentul cand intoarcem vasul, adaugam pe rand galbenusurile, apoi faina, cate o lingura pana o incorporam toata cantitatea Tort cu ciocolata,mascarpone si capsuni Postat de: comanligia in Dulciuri Pentru ca baiatul meu vine azi din Romania acasa,el mi-a dat comanda de ceva bun bun cu care sa-l astept,asa ca am aterizat pe la retetele lui Vio-Dreams si asta a iesit,merci Vio,e tare bun :) Citeste continuare

Tort cu Capsune - 58 rețete - Petitche

  1. Acest tort cu mascarpone si fructe a fost vedeta la ziua sotului meu. Pentru ca el nu se omoara dupa ciocolata, i-am cerut sa-mi spuna cum ar trebui sa fie tortul lui preferat. S-a hotarat pana la urma pentru un tort alb, dar care sa aiba si fructe. Asa am ajuns la acest tort cu mascarpone si fructe rosii, mai precis zmeura si capsuni
  2. Reteta Tort cu capsuni . Retete de Tort cu capsuni . Dulciuri cu capsuni. Biscuitii se sfarama intr-un robot sau se pun intr-o punga si ii pisam cu merdeneaua. Peste biscuitii sfaramati adaugam untul topit si esenta de vanilie. Amestecam pana obtinem o consistenta nisipoasa
  3. 1Cele mai bune retete cu capsuni va asteapta pe pregatit o selectie de top , cu cele mai apreciate retete cu capsuni, retete explicate pas cu pas, in imagini.. Prajitura Ecler cu Capsuni (la tava) Pavlova cu capsuni. Sirop de capsuni. Tort diplomat cu capsuni
  4. Crema de capsuni cu bezea italiana si unt, perfecta pentru tort si prajitura, nu e atat de greu de facut cum s-ar putea crede. In schimb, e cea mai fina si mai spumoasa crema pe care am facut-o vreodata, cu un gust proaspat si o consistenta diafana, care transforma cea mai banala prajitura intr-un dulce sarbatoresc
  5. Mod de preparare tort cu crema de iaurt si capsuni: Pentru blat se separa ouale. Albusurile se bat spuma tare iar apoi se adauga zaharul treptat pana ce albusurile devin lucioase si tari. Galbenusurile se amesteca cu uleiul si se pun peste albusuri amestecand usor ,cu o statula, de jos in sus

Tort cu capsuni Fraisier reteta frantuzeasca Savori Urban

Preparare Tort Cu Căpșuni Și Panna Cotta: 1. Începem cu un coulis, care va fi baza jeleului de căpșuni: se pun pe foc căpșunile congelate (sau proaspete, dacă e sezon) împreună cu zeama de la 1/2 lămâie și 200 de grame de zahăr Tortul de ciocolata cu crema de capsuni se serveste dupa ce se aseaza putin. Incearca si Tort cu visine si ciocolata Daca ti-a placut reteta noastra Tort de ciocolata cu crema de capsuni nu uita sa ii faci un review Tort cu capsuni. Written by Teo on 04/11/2007 in Torturi. Cu blatul obtinut mai devreme (reteta o gasiti aici) am zis ca facem tort cu capsuni. In acest scop, avem nevoie de: - 1 litru de lapte - o cana de zahar - 4 linguri de faina - un plic de budinca de capsuni - 100g de un Tort de ciocolata cu capsune, reteta de tort aniversar Tort de ciocolata cu capsune, reteta cu crema de ciocolata si fructe. Unul dintre cele mai bune torturi de ciocolata cu capsune a fost vedeta zilei pe 17 martie cand blogul meu a implinit frumoasa varsta de 9 ani

Tort cu crema de mascarpone si jeleu de capsuni

Tort de capsuni cu frisca scris de catre Laura Sava 7 mai 2013 4 comentarii Prieteni dragi, stiu ca nu v-ati dezmeticit prea bine din mreaja ademenitoare a bunatatilor de Pasti , dar acest tort de capsuni cu frisca, si un pic de branza dulce, e atat de bun incat nu pot rezista sa nu vi-l arat numaidecat!! A fost un deliciu şi s-a terminat cam repede. Dar nu-i nimic, la cât de uşor se face, cu siguranţă îl voi repeta în primăvara aceasta, cel puţin încă o dată. Vezi aici cum se face frișca naturală din smântână - rețeta pas cu pas Mod de preparare tort cu spumă de capsuni Reteta de tarta cu capsuni si crema de vanilie este minunata in perioada in care apar capsunile romanesti dulci si parfumate. Eu ador capsunile inca din copi.. Dragii mei, de ceva vreme am vrut sa fac aceasta reteta, insa nu am avut ocazia pana acum. Reteta video de cheesecake fara coacere mi-a venit in minte cand m..

Asamblare Tort Diplomat cu capsuni: Blatul racit se taie in 3 parti, crema se imparte in 2. Punem unul din blaturi in tava in care am copt blatul, tapetata cu folie alimentara si-l insiropam cu putin lapte indulcit dupa gust si aromat cu vanilie Mod de preparare pentru tort cu cremă de vanilie și căpșuni. Începem prin a face blatul, așa cum am explicat deja cu lux de amănunte când am scris rețeta de blat de tort Genoise - vezi aici.Ca o recapitulare, batem ouăle împreună cu zahărul pentru 10, chiar 15 minute, până se albesc și își triplează volumul după care adăugăm apoi, treptat, făina înglobând-o cu.

Tort cu mascarpone si capsuni. Blatul: Se mixeaza ouale cu zaharul si un praf de sare, pana isi dubleaza volumul. Se adauga alternativ, 0 voturi 0 comentarii. 2h 10 min. Torturi Recomandari pentru tine si casa ta. Espressor de Cafea Prima Latte II Red - 500 lei. 1299.99 lei Albusurile se mixeaza bine cu zaharul, se pun galbenusurile, apoi treptat laptele, uleiul, cacaua si faina amestecata cu praful de copt. - Rețetă Desert : Tort cu mousse de ciocolata si iaurt de capsuni de Dia200 Tapetati cu folie transparenta o forma de tort cu diam. de 26 cm. Puneti un strat de piscoturi la baza formei (rupeti-le si aranjati-le in asa fel incat sa acopere toata baza). Nu uitati sa le insiropati mai intai. Turnati jumatate de crema si nivelati. Presarati, cat mai uniform, jumatate din cantitatea de capsuni

. 6 oua intregi. 200 gr zahar. 400 ml smantana dulce ptr frisca. 250 gr capsuni. 20 gr gelatina granule. 1 lingurita extract vanilie . 400 gr piscoturi sampanie. 250 ml compot ananas . Mod de preparare tort diplomat cu capsuni. Mixam ouale intregi cu zaharul pana devin cremoase. Punem vasul la foc mic si. Retete culinare Torturi - Tort with crema caramel si crema strawberries Tort with crema caramel si crema de strawberries, reteta de cake aniversar. Luna august este plina de aniversari la noi in familie. Daca pe 4 august eu am implinit o frumoasa varsta, pe data de 9 august, a fost randul sotului meu Cu capsunile proaspete de zilele acestea (nu-mi lipsesc din bucatarie in perioada asta) m-am gandit sa fac un tort cu capsuni fara coacere, ceva rapid si nepretentios. In acelasi timp, mi-am propus sa fie ceva nu foarte dulce si colorat, sa bucure ochiul si papilele gustative. Veti vedea ca vorbim despre un tort foarte simplu de preparat, cu un blat subtire din pandispan, ce poate foarte bine. Daca ti-a placut reteta noastra Desert tort de ciocolata, cu frisca si capsuni nu uita sa-i faci un review. Dupa ce ai terminat de gatit, acorda-ti cateva minute si aranjeaza-ti parul ca la salon cu produsele de ingrijire personala de la BaByliss. RETETA IN IMAGINI. Recomandari pentru tine si casa ta. Aparat de vidare VS1192

Tort Iepuras cu mure si ciocolata (video) Dupa ce ai terminat de gatit, acorda-ti cateva minute si aranjeaza-ti parul ca la salon cu produsele de ingrijire personala de la BaByliss. Tort cu ciocolata, mascarpone si capsuni este o reteta delicioasa de tort, deloc greu de preparat, cu aroma intensa de ciocolata si capsuni Asamblare tort cu capsuni. Scurgem capsunile de lichidul lasat si le amestecam usor, cu o paleta de lemn, in crema. Scufundam piscoturile prin siropul rezultat de la capsuni, tapetam o tava de cozonac cu folie si icepem sa asamblam, un rand de piscoturi, un rand de crema pana la epuizarea acestora Un tort minunat, delicios si parfumat este tortul diplomat cu capsuni. Ornat cu capsuni este un tort diplomat excelent, un tort elegant cu un blat din piscoturi de sampanie, crema diplomat si multe capsuni proaspete dulci si aromate care te imbie cu gustul si mirosul lor imbietor, intr-un cuvant un tort deosebit care merita incercat. Tortul se prepara relativ simplu, necesita doar un timp mai.

Tort cu capsuni si crema de lapte Ciocolata o rupem bucatele, apoi o punem intr-o punga, o tinem in apa fierbinte pana se topeste ciocolata, apoi rupem un capat la punga si trasam siruri peste tort.L-am ornat destul de simplu pentru ca ma grabeam foarte tare Tort de vara cu piscoturi si capsuni. In plin sezon al capsunilor e pacat sa nu facem deserturi cu aceste fructe minunate si aromate. Si daca vrem si ceva usor si racoros, acest tort este perfect. Va garantez ca se va manca rapid si cei din jur o sa mai ceara o portie :).. Tort cu capsuni. de Miha 23 mai 2014. scris de Miha 23 mai 2014 877 vizualizări. Bine v-am regasit dragilor! Astazi v-am adus un tort numai bun de facut acum in week-end. Nu e o reteta complicata, veti vedea ca se face foarte usor Blat simplu de tort (cu putina ciocolata ) o crema usoara si pufoasa de branza si irezistibilele capsuni.

Tort cu mascarpone si capsuni. Un tort minunat pe care il putem face pentru evenimentele speciale din familie. Cei dragi se vor bucura cu siguranta, si il vor savura din plin. Este fin, delicios si de sezon . Spor la treaba Blat cacao: 120 gr faina . 40 gr cacao. 5 oua. 2 galbenusuri. 150 gr zahar. 50 gr unt topit si racit la temp camerei. 300 g capsuni. Pentru decor. 300 ml frisca lichida indulcita. 200 ml smantana. o lingura zahar. cateva capsuni. In plus - zeama de la un compot de ananas. Blat Tort diplomat. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Galbenusurile amesteca-le cu apa si uleiul si cu un tel omogenizeaza amestecand energic. Albusurile mixeaza-le spuma cu un praf de sare Tort cu capsuni si ciocolata. 1.Se prepara blatul,mixand albusurile cu un praf de sare apoi cu galbenusurile zdrobite,cu faina. 0 voturi 0 comentarii. 2h. Torturi Recomandari pentru tine si casa ta. Slow cooker 5.0 L Digital DuraCeramic Sauté. Finetea unui tort cu frisca si capsuni poate inmuia chiar si cele mai tari caractere. Astfel acset tort cu frisca si capsuni este atat de apetisant si pare atat de usor incat cu greu il poti refuza. Dupa prima lingurita de tort cu frisca si capsuni, efectul este miraculos Iubesc retetele de tort de casa, si nu oricare, dar retetele de tort simple si neaparat gustoase. It's really good to know what ingredients the chocolate cake recipe or Diplomat cake recipe contains, but if you also want quick, effortless cake recipes, study the list below carefully.

Tort cu capsuni retete culinare: tort cu capsuni

  • Mod de preparare Tort diplomat cu capsuni, ciocolata alba si bananeIncepe prin a pregati la indemana capsunile trecute pe sub jet de apa si. Tiramisu cu capsuni - Desert De Casa - Maria Popa. Desert de Casa va prezinta o varietate de retete culinare pentru deserturi si dulciuri de casa pe care le
  • Tort de biscuiti cu frisca ciocolata si capsuni Mai am cateva torturi asemanatoare pe blog, dar nu exact in aceasta combinatie si pentru ca mi s-a parut chiar usoara si la indemana oricui am zis sa va scriu si voua reteta pentru Tort de biscuiti cu frisca ciocolata si capsuni si sa va zic sa faceti si voi cand aveti chef de un tort de biscuiti
  • Buna seara, tava mea are diametru 28 cm dar nu mi se pare a fi prea inalta. Imi puteti spune ce inaltime ar trebui sa aibe ca sa ma pot incadra cu acest tort ( mie mi se pare ca este destul de inalt). Intrebarea este valabila si ptr tortul cu panna cotta cu jeleu de capsuni

Tort cu mascarpone si fructe - reteta video JamilaCuisin

  • Tort Fraisier, un tort francez (Le Fraisier) incredibil de bun facut din blat, crema de vanilie cremoasa si plin de capsuni proaspete.Aceasta reteta este rapida, usoara si foarte reconfortanta. Versiunea clasica este cu crema de vanilie si unt (crème mousseline)
  • Tort cu frisca si capsuni reteta. Capsunile sunt fructele cu care orice prajitura este yummy-yummy. Incercati aceasta reteta si va veti. Reteta de tort cu frisca si capsuni este foarte rapida si usoara iar rezultatul este deosebit. Unul dintre cele mai bune torturi de ciocolata cu capsune a fost vedeta zilei
  • Un tort racoritor de sezon. L-am facut cu capsuni fructele mele preferate reteta nu e deosebita doar modul de umplere mi s-a parut ceva mai interesant. Ingrendiente blat: 4 oua 8 linguri de zahar 6 linguri cu faina 2 linguri cu cacao 1/2 lingurita praf de copt 2 linguri ulei. Pentru crema: 6 oua 150 g zahar 1 plic zahar vaniliat 250 ml lapte.
  • Am facut acest Tort cu crema de ciocolata si capsuni pentru ca e sezonul capsunilor si am zis sa nu ratez momentul. Nu am serbat nimic, poate niste kg in plus, muuuulte la numar, dar nu va spun cate
  • imum
  • ute. Topeste ciocolata alba la foc mic si adauga smantana pentru frisca. Inainte sa inceapa sa fiarba amestecul, opreste focul si amesteca continuu pentru.
  • ute la congelator apoi se pune intr-o forma de tort cu peretii detasabili cu folie de plastic in ea (a mea a avut 24 cm) si se da la frigider. Jeleul de capsuni: Intre timp facem jeleul de capsuni. Mixam bine capsunile in blender cu 150 g zahar pudra (eu nu mai am blender, deci am facut cu mixerukl stick). Oprim 2-3 capsuni.

. De cand locuiesc in Italia, fac mereu prajituri si torturi cu mascarpone, italienii au foarte multe creme si retete de prajituri cu mascarpone. Mascarpone este o crema pe baza de smantana, cu un continut foarte mare de grasime 40-80 % Tortul este simplu de preparat, acelasi padispan dar cu o crema/spuma de capsuni. Acum neavand capsuni proaspete am pus din acele congelate dupa metoda de Fructe congelate cu zahar de pe site. De gustul tortului va dati seama si singuri ca nu ai cum sa strici ceva cu capsunile :) Este un tort perfect, fresh, cremos si usor - va recomand cu incredere Acest tort entremet este o adevarata explozie de capsuni! Este foarte gingas si aromat, iar ciocolata alba ii ofera o delicatete aparte. Tortul este alcatuit dintr-un blat pufos de migdale, gem de capsuni, mousse de ciocolata alba, un strat de jeleu si un strat de mousse de capsuni. Suprafata tortului poate fi acoperita fie cu O parte din capsuni le taiem cubulete mai maruntele pentru a umple tortul cu ele. O alta parte de capsuni, le taiem in feliute, si ornam tortul cu ele. Zmeura o spalam deasemenea si o lasam la scurs. Mai intai pregatim blatul de tort. Separate the yolks from the whites. Albusurile le punem intr-un castron si le batem cu mixerul pana obtinem o spuma

Acest tort cu frisca si capsuni este o incantare, un tort delicios si revigorant care se poate face cu orice fructe de sezon. Este un tort cu muuulta ciocolata si cu fructe aromate. Intotdeuna mi-a placut cum se imbina gustul de banane cu ciocolata iar capsunile care sunt vedetele. Cheesecake cu Nutella si mascarpone, gata in 10 minute este. Tort cu mascarpone - cum se face. Reteta de tort festiv cu branza mascarpone si capsuni trase in ciocolata. Retete de torturi 1. Se bat spumă albuşurile cu zahărul, zahărul vanilat şi 4 linguri de apă rece. Se amestecă cu gălbenuşurile bătute cu margarina, apoi se adaugă, în ploaie, făina cernută cu praful de copt, amestecând uşor. Se toarnă într-o tavă tapetată cu hârtie de copt şi se coace în cuptorul dinainte încins, la foc potrivit, 25-30

Deasupra vom pune blatul rotund si uns in prealabil cu dulceata de capsuni, cu partea unsa peste crema, apoi strangem punga spre interior si dam la frigider 12 ore - cam pana a doua zi. A doua zi, scoate tortul din frigider, desfacem punga, punem peste blatul rotund un platou si intoarcem castronul cu fundul in sus Cauti un tort de vara, racoros, cu fructe? L-ai gasit Gospo se gandeste tot timpul la retete de sezon, care sa va faca [ Tort cu crema de ciocolata,mascarpone si mousse de capsuni Buna ziua,de data aceasta am sa va prezint o reteta de tort care are mai multe etape si dureaza putin mai mult dar finalul si anume tortul cu crema de ciocolata,mascarpone si mousse de capsuni merita tot efortul Tort cu capsuni si frisca, o combinatie simpla si delicioasa si pe gustul tuturor.Are un blat simplu cu mac,insiropat cu vanilie,umplut si decorat cu frisca si fructe.. Va invit sa-l incercati ca tot vine sezonul capsunilor,este ideal ca desert de week-end dar poate fi facut cu succes si pentru o masa festiva

Tort cu capsuni - Desert De Casa - Maria Pop

  • Combina biscuitii cu untul topit si lingura de zahar, apoi preseaza-i intr-o forma de tort cu pereti detasabili. Da tava la congelator cat prepari crema. Combina un pliculet de gelatina cu 2 linguri de apa si las-o deoparte sa se hidrateze. Mixeaza mascarpone cu smantana pentru frisca si iaurtul. Adauga 4 linguri de zahar si esenta de vanilie
  • itortulețe) sau ca desert la pahar (verrines). Se poate face și with alte fructe, în funcție de sezon. Cum la noi e sezonul căpșunilor, să profită
  • Mod de preparare tort vegan de îngheţată cu cocos şi căpşuni. Reţeta nu este deloc greu de făcut şi cu toate că lista pare lungă, dacă vă uitaţi cu atenţie, veţi vedea că de fapt acest tort are doar câteva ingrediente. Cu excepţia fructelor, găsiţi tot ce aveţi nevoie pe site-ul Vă trebuie doar puţină răbdare.
  • ute. După ce s-a răcit, tăiem blatul în 3
  • Mod de preparare Tort tiramisu fara oua, cu capsuni si ananas: Felul in care am pregatit acest tort tiramisu fara oua, cu capsuni si ananas este mai jos, in format video. Vizionandu-l, veti gasi enumerate, din nou, ingredientele folosite si modul de preparare
  • Tort Deliciu cu mascapone si capsuni. Ingrediente: Un blat de tort de cacao 300 g mascarpone 500 ml frisca lichida 30% indulcita si vanilata (Dorna) 700 g capsuni 1 fir rubarba esenta de vanilie 200 g zahar 200 ml apa 100 g amidon Preparare: Se prepara jeleul de capsuni: Pe foc, intr-o cratita cu fund dublu se pune apa, 100 g zaha
  • Tort cu mousse de capsuni, un tort simplu de realizat din categoria retetelor cu fructe. Capsunile pe langa gustul lor delicios, sunt satioase dar si benefice organismului. Mai multe retete cu capsuni gasiti daca dati clik AICI: Acest tort a iesit atat de reconfortant, de bun si de parfumat ca ai tot manca. Va invit sa-l incercati

Inghetata cu fructe dupa parerea mea este cea mai buna dintre toate. Va invitam sa incercati si alte retete de inghetate preparate de noi. Este un desert racoros, bun de savurat in zilele calduroase de vara. Gasiti in sectiunea Retete Inghetata multe alte retete de inghetata preparate fara aparat.. Ingrediente Tort de Inghetata cu Capsuni. 100 g zahar 100 ml ap L-a apucat pe Aris o poftă de tort azi, nu vă zic, tort în sus, tort în jos. După ce am ramas fără scuze, mi-am aruncat privirea prin dulap și prin frigider, apoi am selectat câteva chestii simple, cu care i-am produs desertul, într-un sfert de ceas (cam atât mai rezist în picioare). Fără coacere Tort cu iaurt si capsuni un desert aromat, racoritor care se preapara rapid si usor. Acest desert l-am gandit si preparat intr-un moment in care aveam foarte mult iaurt la dispozitie, iar rezultatul a fost un delicios si racoritor tort, care mi-a placut si asa a ajuns sa fie pe blog Sos de portocale si capsuni. tort capsuni Sosul de portocale si capsuni poate fi o alternativa potrivita la sosurile dulci pe care le cumperi din magazin. Acest tip de sos se potriveste foarte bine cu clatite. Daca te-ai plictisit de clatitele cu gem, dulceata sau ciocolata, pregateste un sos simplu si aromat din capsuni si portocale Din savuroasele capsuni se pot face multe prajituri si torturi, care de care mai apetisante, va oferim un rasfat de capsuni si ciocolata sub forma de tort cu capsuni. Acest tort cu capsuni este o adevarata placere gastronomica, o explozie a simturilor intr-o forma apetisanta, dulce si racoritoare

Retete cu Capsuni - Desert De Casa - Maria Pop

Tort tiramisu cu capsuni este un delicios desert, foarte rapid de preparat, potrivit pentru persoanele care nu agreaza ouale crude in deserturi si pentru iubitori de deserturi cu capsuni. Este aromat, gustos si va asigur ca va va incanta papilele gustative cu aroma sa de vanilie care se imbina perfect cu aroma delicioasa a capsunilor Tort Căpșunel cu cremă de brânză și căpșuni Ceea ce m-a inspirat de aceasta dată, au fost batoanele de brânză și căpșuni îmbrăcate în ciocolată. Cremă fină de brânză, bucățele de căpșuni și un blat fraged de ciocolată cu migdale, sună bune nu-i așa? Iar cum brânza face casă bună cu căpșunile, ciocolata n

Crema de capsuni cu bezea italiana si unt Laura Laurenți

Naked Cake/Tort dezbracat cu capsuni si caramel. 21 Iun, 2017 în Torturi etichetat Blat umed de vanilie / naked cake / tort cu crema caramel / tort cu crema caramel si capsuni de Brigitta . Dupa multe cautari in sfarsit am gasit blatul umed de vanilie perfect. Cum nu obisnuiesc sa insiropez blaturile de multe ori pentru torturi aleg blaturile. Pentru a asambla tortul veţi avea nevoie de o tavă rotundă cu pereţi detaşabili de mărimea 23 x 8 cm. Pentru a coace blatul de ciocolată se foloseşte o cratiţă sau o formă rotundă cu diametrul aproximativ 2 cm mai mare decât forma folosită la asamblare, deoarece blatul la coacere se strânge Cu ajutorul mixerului vertical blenduim 400 gr , restul 100 gr capsuni le vom pune taiate bucatele peste crema.. Adaugam zeama de lamaie. Separat batem frisca cu zaharul pana aceasta este destul de ferma, insa atentie sa nu o batem prea mult, riscam sa se taie. Adaugam piureul de capsuni, si gelatina topita. Amestecam usor cu spatula de jos in sus Pentru crema vom mixa mascarpone rece cu zaharul pana obtinem o crema fina. Capsunile le vom taia in 2 apoi fiecare jumatate in 3 sau 4 in functie de marime. Ungem prima jumatate de blat cu 1/3 din crema apoi repartizam 1/3 din cantitatea de capsuni, punand in special pe margini astfel incat sa se vada dupa ce acoperim cu a doua parte Tort cu căşune, iaurt şi pişcoturi, numai bun pentru zilele călduroase de vară FOTO Dacă doriţi să preparaţi un desert uşor, răcoritor, de vară şi, totodată, uşor de făcut, tortul cu căpşune, iaurt şi pişcoturi ar putea fi alegerea perfectă, potrivit unei reţete recomandate de site-ul Miremirc.r

de Alina iunie 21, 2020 mai 12, 2020 Lasă un comentariu la Tort cu lamaie, mac si capsuni Share this on WhatsApp Am descoperit reteta de Lemon Poppyseed Cake la Cosmina la cofetarie si am folosit-o cu succes la multe evenimente la care am avut ocazia sa pregatim dulciurile de exemplu, la evenimentul de la Ferma Dacilor , unde a fost piesa. Acest tort cu frisca si capsuni este o incantare , un tort delicios si revigorant care se preteaza a fi facut cu orice fructe de sezon. Am vrut sa fie o reteta de tort simpla asa ca am folosit cat mai putine ingrediente si am redus etapele de preparare la minimum Peste capsuni, punem frisca cu aroma de capsuni, din care mai oprim 3-4 linguri. Nivelam frisca si dam din nou la frigider pentru 15 minute. Punem al doilea blat de tort, peste blat punem portocalele, dar si aici atentie sa nu fie intarite de tot, sa se poata distribui usor, iar blatul sa se inmoaie de la fructe. Dam la frigider pentru alte 15. Ba chiar si ceva ciocolata. Iata o reteta pentru un tort extrem de spectaculos, care le imbina pe toate si va face pe oricine sa-i ploua in gura. Amestecul de ciocolata cu capsuni este irezistibil, fara indoiala. Trucul de chef. Ordinea prepararii este: Ganacheul batut, blatul de tarta, trufele de ciocolata, gemul de capsuni, ganacheul Tort cu capsuni . Ingredientele pentru tortul de capsuni: unt (2 linguri), faina (250g), sare (un praf), capsuni (1/2kg), smintina (5 linguri), zahar (3 linguri), rom (2 linguri). Mod de preparare a tortului de capsuni: Se freaca untul cu smantana si sarea, se adauga treptat faina, se framanta repede, se formeaza o minge si se da la rece timp.

Tort cu blat dacquiose, un aluat mai mult decat delicios cu faina de alune, migdale si bezea plus un strat de crema caramel si altul de crema cu capsuni Greutate 1kg 1,4kg 2,2kg 3kg 3,5kg 4kg 5kg 85 le Reteta Tort cu jeleu de capsuni si crema de vanilie din Carte de bucate, Dulciuri. Cum sa faci Tort cu jeleu de capsuni si crema de vanilie. Keep up to date with the latest news! Introdu adresa ta de email si apasa butonul trimite! Sunt de acord ca datele mele personale să fie stocate și folosite pentru a primi noutăți și oferte comerciale Vezi reteta pas cu pas: Reteta Video Tort de inghetata si capsuni Spalati capsunile si impartiti-le in mod egal: 150g le taiati in jumatati si 150g le taiati cubulete. Scoateti inghetata din congelator si lasati-o sa se inmoaie timp de 10 minute Tort cu lime, busuioc si capsuni - Retete culinare va ofera retete de mancare retete prajituri says: April 5, 2018 at 5:57 pm [] sursa articol [] Răspunde. Tort cu lime, busuioc si capsuni - Stiri mobil stiri video stiri online pariuri1x2 says: April 5, 2018 at 6:43 pm [] sursa articol [ Tort diplomat cu capsuni Adauga la favorite. ouale). Dam deoparte si adaugam fructele taiate cubulete iar cele din ce crema se raceste, hidratam gelatina si o lichefiem( nu trebuie sa spuma. Încorporam în crema de oua gelatina si apoi acesta crema se la rece 4-5 ore

Tort cu crema de iaurt cu capsuni JamilaCuisin

  • TORT CU CAPSUNI Bine v-am regasit dragi prieteni! Anul acesta va marturisesc ca am profitat de sezonul capsunilor drept pentru care doresc sa impartasesc cu voi reteta mea de tort cu capsuni. Este pur si simplu un deliciu gastronomic. Pentru cele 2 BLATURI avem nevoie de: - 4 ou
  • Un tort bogat in capsuni si zmeura, pandispan pufos, aromat cu sirop de lamaie si vanilie, crema de frisca cu iaurt si-un parfum de menta proaspata. Am personalizat cu multa pasiune acest desert fermecator incercand sa dau o nota cat mai naturala tortului. Capsunile proaspete le-am folosit din belsug, atat in crema de iaurt cat si la ornat
  • ute, iar ingredientele sunt simple si ieftine
  • Siropul scurs de la capsuni se amesteca cu lichiorul Alchermes sau, daca nu aveti, putem folosi sirop de capsuni cum am procedat si eu. Pregatim platoul sau forma de tort in care dorim sa asamblam tortul Tiramisu cu capsuni. Daca folositi un platou, cum am folosit si eu, musai sa folositi inelul reglabil pentru tort
  • Decorati cu capsuni cum doriti sau ca in imaginea de mai jos. Pasul 9. Lasati la frigider timp de4-6 ore. Pasul 10. Va dorim pofta buna si spor la gatit reteta tort Ramona cu capsuni fara coacere. Sugestie: Puteti inlocui capsunile cu kiwi sau cu fructele care va plac. Tort Ramona cu capsuni - Delicatese. Ne
  • ute 100ml apa, 50g zahar, aromat cu vanilie, lamaie, portocala etc. Am umplut apoi pandispanul scobit cu crema de capsuni cu smantana si am presarat deasupra faramele de miez lasate deoparte
  • Tarta cu capsuni si crema de vanilie este rasfatul maxim la ceas de amiaza, cand te asezi pe canapea cu o ceasca de cafea. Fie ca alegi sa citesti o carte, sa te uiti pe geam sau la televizor, tarta aceasta iti va aduce acel ceva de care ai nevoie pentru ca starea de bine sa fie exact asa cum iti imaginezi

Tort cu căpșuni și panna cotta Laura Laurenți

Tort cu mousse de ciocolata si capsuni, o reteta simpla si delicioasa, foarte simplu de preparat. Nu aveti de copt decat un blat umed de vanilie si de facut doua mousse-uri, unul de ciocolata si unul de capsuni. Pentru decor, o glazura rapida si capsuni proaspete. Rezultatul este grozav, tortul este atat de fin si gustos, combinatia este una. Salutare dragilor! Astazi va prezint un super tort cu capsuni. Am ramas datoare cu reteta asta mai demult si acum ca pietele s-au umplut de capsuni este momentul perfect sa o incercati si voi. Cand m-am gandit la tortul asta am plecat de la ideea ca vreau un tort racoritor in care sa ma bucur din plin de capsuni Tort cu crema de vanilie si capsuni. By Doina Oprea, 10 aprilie 2012. Desi nu prea combin fructe cu nuci si uleiuri, am zis ca pentru acest Potluck, ca sa ii rasfat pe participanti, am sa fac o exceptie. Stiu ca in aceasta privinta putin sunt atat de scrupulosi ca si mine si mi-am zis ca macar pentru aceste ocazii sa experimentez si eu cum este. Cheesecake cu capsuni- Asamblare. Turnam crema in forma de tort tapetata cu felii de capsuni, nivelam uniform si dam forma la rece pentru 2-3 ore ore. Cat timp sta la rece pregatim jeleul de capsuni. Capsunii taiati se amesteca cu zaharul pe foc pana da intr-un clocot se da deoparte si se adauga gelatina hidratata in 50-70 ml apa rece

Mod de preparare tort diplomat cu capsuni si banane: Acest tort diplomat cu capsuni si banane se face relativ usor, fara prea multa bataie de cap. Important este sa va procurati toate ingredientele. Cel mai bun moment sa-l faceti este seara deaorece trebuie sa stea cateva ore bune la frigider inainte de consum Cu ajutorul curatatorului de legume am facut carlionti de ciocolata pe care i-am bagat pentru 5 minute la congelator ca sa nu mi se topeasca in mana cind ii presar peste tort. Presaram carliontii de ciocolata alba peste tort si asezam margaretele (fara frunzulite) atat la suprafata tortului, cat si pe lateralele acestuia Preparare crema pentru Tort cu capsuni Intr-un vas se pune frisca lichida si praful de crema de vanilie. Se bate cu mixerul si pe masura ce incepe sa se intareasca se adauga laptele pe rand. Asamblare Tort cu capsuni Pasul 1) Pe un platou se aseaza blaturile de vanilie. Ciocolata se rade si se topeste pe foc impreuna cu 3-4 linguri de frisca Ana Consulea, expert cofetar, te invata sa faci pas cu pas tortul cu ciocolata alba si capsuni de la MasterChef Data publicarii: Miercuri 26 Noiembrie 2014, 00:04 Are 25 de ani si a reusit deja sa-si creeze un nume in lumea iubitorilor de dulce din Bucuresti, dupa ce a studiat patiseria in Franta si a obtinut o diploma extrem de pretioasa de la. Tortul cu cirese si capsuni este un desert de vara ideal pentru copilul tau. Cu o consistenta usoara si cu un gust dulce savuros, tortul cu cirese si capsuni il va incanta pe cel mic si ii va bucura intreaga zi. Pregateste tort cu cirese si capsuni cand esti in criza de timp si vrei sa ii oferi micutului tau un desert delicios

ciocolata, si decorat cu capsuni proaspete, acest tort este gata sa ) 2 plicuri de zahar vanilat 3 linguri gelatina 100 ml lapte 3 linguri fulgi de ciocolata 20 capsuni. foc si dizolvati in el gelatina. Cu ajutorul unui mixer, amestecati dupa gust. Amestecati branza cu gelatina racita. Incorporati cu ajutorul unei. Preparare pas cu pas: tort cu căpşuni şi fistic. Pasul 1. Mixează ouăle cu zahărul si cu sarea până când compoziţia îşi triplează volumul şi capătă o culoare deschisă. Adaugă, puţin câte puţin, făina cernută şi amestecă uşor cu o lingură sau cu o paletă, de jos în sus, dinspre centru spre exterior Tort cu capsuni. 8 august 2016 Sorin Prajituri, recipe 0. Tort cu capsuni. Print. Tort cu capsuni. By Sorin . 8 august 2016. Ingrediente. 6 oua 1 1/2 ceasca de zahar 3 lingurite de suc de lamaie 3 lingurite de ulei vegetal 2 lingurite de apa 1 3/4 ceasca de faina 1/2 lingurita de sare 500 ml de smantana Tort cu capsune si migdale din: oua, zahar, faina, migdale, praf de copt, gelatina, smantana, frisca, capsuni. Ingrediente: 3 ouă 75 g zahăr 80 g făină 1/2 linguriţă praf de copt 50 g migdale măcinate 400 g căpşuni 6 foi gelatină 200 g smântână 3 linguri zahăr 250 g frişca lichidă gelatină roşie de decor [ Tort cu capsuni. De catre dana noiembrie 29, 2014. 0 1 vote Am pregatiti weekendul trecut un tort cu capsuni,un fel de cheesecacke si pentru ca deja e mai rece afara,am renuntat la blatul de biscuiti cu unt si am facut unul pufos copt la cuptor.In felul asta am schimbat reteta cu care ne-am delectat o vara intreaga dar am obtinut si o alta.

. Punem crema de capsuni pe un disc de blat si o intindem uniform, adaugam frisca, iar deasupra punem al doilea blat. Pudram cu zahar pe deasupra si gata! Daca doriti puteti sa ornati tortul cu capsuni proaspeti sau sa il lasati asa simplu. Dati tortul la rece pana in momentul servirii. A doua zi este si mai bun Mod de preparare Tort diplomat cu capsuni, ciocolata alba si banane. Incepe prin a pregati la indemana capsunile trecute pe sub jet de apa si puse la scurs. Mixeaza bine frisca (fara zahar - sunt dulci crema si ciocolata alba) si las-o deoparte. Pune gelatina la hidratat in 100 ml apa rece, pentru 10-15 minute Tort cu ciocolata si capsuni Dragii mei a venit timpul sa va arat reteta celui mai bun Tort cu ciocolata si capsuni . Este vorba despre un tort format din doua blaturi de cacao, cu o crema geniala de capsuni la mijloc, totul glazurat cu ciocolata delicioasa

Reteta Tort de ciocolata cu crema de capsuni - culina

Tort cu capsuni si glazura de frisca • 2 cani cu zahar • 3 pliculete cu gelatina de capsuni • 1 cana cu unt, la temperatura camerei • 4 oua • 2 si ¾ cani cu faina de patiserie • 2 si ½ lingurite cu praf de copt • 1 cana cu lapte, la temperatura camerei • 1 lingurita cu seminte de vanilie • ½ de cana cu piure de capsuni. Tort cu capsuni, iaurt si piscoturi. Ingrediente : 200 ml frisca lichida. 500 ml iaurt (4%) 3 oua. 150 g zahar. esenta de vanilie. 15 g gelatina granulata. 200 g piscoturi. 300 g capsuni . Decor : 100 ml frisca lichida. bomboane cu rom. ciocolata alba. capsuni . Mod de preparare : Hidratam gelatina in 80 ml apa rece circa 10 minute. Intr-un. Ingrediente Tort cu ananas si capsuni. Blat: 4 oua, 120 gr faina, 1/2 plic praf de copt, 30 ml apa rece, 100 gr zahar. Crema: 3 oua, 100 gr zahar, 150 ml lapte, vanilie, 10 gr gelatina, 500 gr frisca , 200 gr capsuni proaspete , 200 gr ananas bucati din compot

Tort with strawberries. Ingrediente glazurara: 2 pachete de 225g crema de branza, la temperatura camerei (am folosit continut scazut de grasime) 227g unt nesarat, la temperatura camere Daca ti-a placut reteta noastra Tort cu crema de ciocolata si de capsuni nu uita sa-i faci un review. Dupa ce ai terminat de gatit, acorda-ti cateva minute si aranjeaza-ti parul ca la salon cu produsele de ingrijire personala de la BaByliss. Comentarii (36) Retete similare

Tort cu capsuni Blat:-se face un blat simplu din 3 oua, 3 lg zahar, 3 lg faina 1 lingurita praf copt-se coace 25 minute la foc mediu Crema:-300 g frisca lichida-1 kg capsuni-300 g branza de vaci-esenta de capsuni-tort jelle rosu -200 g frisca pentru ornat-3 linguri smantan Jocul nostru gatit tort cu ciocolata si capsuni cu hannah pe care vrei sa il joci acum mai poate fi gasit si un urmatoarele categorii jocuri de gatit, jocuri cu prajituri, jocuri cu mancare, jocuri in bucatarie, jocuri barbie de gatit, jocuri de gatit prajituri, jocuri de gatit torturi, jocuri de decorat, jocuri cu clatite, astfel ca nu ai cum. -optional capsuni pentru decor . Mod de preprare: Se amesteca branza cu zaharul, galbenusurile, nuca de cocos si amidonul, se formeaza bilute care se pun intr-o tava tapetata cu hartie de copt. Pentru blat, se bat galbenusurile cu zaharul si uleiul, apoi se adauga ciocolata topita, faina amestecata cu amidon, cacao si praf de copt

.. Pentru reteta de tort simplu cu capsuni si frisca trebuie sa preparam un blat, sa batem frisca si sa il asamblam.. Incercati si reteta de tort cu blat umed si dulce de leche cinci linguri cu zahar Umplutura: un kg de capsuni. Sirop: 10-12 capsuni trei linguri de zahar Glazura: frisca batuta. Modul de preparare : Blatul: Bateti albusurile spuma, adaugati zaharul si bateti in continuare pana se intareste spuma din nou. Adaugati galbenusurile amestecate din timp cu putina sare agitati compozitia de cateva ori tort cu capsuni L-am facut cadou unei prietene de-a mamei si cand l-a vazut i-au dat lacrimile, asa mult m-am bucurat incat mi-au dat si mie lacrimile, asta a fost cea mai mare rasplata pentru munca mea :

Tort cu capsuni - Retete culinare by Teo's Kitche

Tort cu capsuni-fara coacere Ingrediente: Blat: 300 gr biscuiti macinati 100 gr nuca macinata 100 gr unt topit Crema: 800 gr iaurt 400 ml frisca 50 gr gelatina 300 gr zahar pudra 500 gr capsuni proaspete Glazura: 400 gr ciocolata neagra 100 ml frisca 50 ml ulei Mod de preparare: Blat: Topim untul pe care il amestecam cu biscuitii macinati si. Tort cu piscoturi, capsuni si ciocolata . Tort cu piscoturi, capsuni si ciocolata este un tort rapid, gen tiramisu, dar adaptat foarte mult. In plus, nu contine cafea si nici galbenusuri crude si pot manca si cei mici fara probleme. Pentru una dintre creme am folosit 500 g capsuni congelate, dar se pot folosi si capsuni proaspete tort cu capsuni tort rapid Ingrediente. Blat: 4 oua, 120 gr faina, 1 praf de copt, 40 ml apa foarte rece, 100 gr zahar. Crema de vanilie: 800 ml lapte , 3 oua, 150 gr zahar, 100 gr amidon, 4 plicuri zahar vanilat. Decor: capsuni prospete taiate felii , zahar pudra. Mod de preparare blat Tort cu capsuni si ciocolata. 18 iunie 2015. Written by Laura Nechita. 2. Vara, caldura, fructe scaldate in soare, coapte, dulci! A madness! Capsunicile sunt daruri minunate ale naturii, pline de culoare, gust si vitamine. Am ales printre altele sa fac si un tort micut, dar plin de savoare, de parfum si de culoare