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Hachis parmentier

Hachis parmentier

The recipe is simple as an idea, we are based on a layer of vegetables and meat (rereta says beef I am chicken) finely chopped and cooked a little beforehand and a mashed potato more consistent with egg yolk and grated cheese in the composition as a blanket surface. You can also make eggs in layers of puree and in the middle the layer of meat, depending on your preference and imagination.

Preparation: prepare all the vegetables and grind them with the robot together with the greens and then heat them in a tablespoon of oil.

After I have hardened them well with salt and pepper for a few minutes, I place them as a base layer in a heat-resistant dish.

Separately prepare a mashed potato from hot mashed potatoes with salt, nutmeg, a cup of hot milk and butter. Then add the egg yolks and grated cheese.

Pour a layer of puree over the layer of meat and put a little grated cheese and greens on top. Bake at medium temperature for 20-30 minutes.

Serve hot, cut into squares. it is very aromatic and consistent, a food suitable for many occasions and which reconciles many tastes.

Traditionally made from mashed potatoes and minced beef, chopped parmentier is a traditional family dish that can be easily revisited with a mixture of vegetables, candied or dried tomatoes, grated black truffles, squid or hazelnuts. toasted and crushed.

You can also replace mashed potatoes with mashed carrots or sweet potatoes.

Ingredients for the parmentier hash recipe

For 4 people, you will need:

- 1kg of potatoes (Bintje variety)
- 400g of beef (roasted or leftover casserole) previously minced
- 1 onion, 1 squash pod and 1 bunch of parsley
- 1 egg
- 110 g of butter
- 30cl of hot milk
- Nutmeg, salt, pepper or Espelette pepper
- grated gruyere (or breadcrumbs) to au gratin

Preparation time for parmentier hash

Allow 1:30 to make this recipe.

Preparation of the parmentier hash recipe

Peel the potatoes and cook for 30 minutes.
Meanwhile, chop the squash and onion that you will brown in a pan with butter. Stir frequently. Turn off the heat and set aside.

In a large bowl with high edges, mix the meat with the chopped parsley, garlic / onion mixture, whole egg, salt and pepper.

After cooking, drain the potatoes and mash them (or mash them with a fork), add the butter and heated milk.

Mix all these ingredients carefully until you get a creamy (but not elastic) dough.

Season this mixture with salt, pepper (or Espelette pepper) and nutmeg. Book.

Butter a gratin dish and spread a 1st layer of puree, a layer of meat, then a 2nd and final layer of puree.

Smooth the surface of the mince with a spatula and sprinkle with grated gruyere (or fine breadcrumbs).

Bake in a preheated oven at 200-210 ° C (th.7) until the surface of the mince is well browned.

This dish can be accompanied by a crunchy green salad (Caesar salad for example) or an endive salad with nuts, cheese and chopped apples.

Recipe ideas

Not bad
Easy to make recipe for adults.
My suggestion: For children, I prefer to make it in onion and without nutmeg

Very very good recipe. to redo c t very good meter a little less salt to my taste my otherwise c t very good
My suggestion: Add less salt

Too dry
Good recipe but the meat is not cooked. For my part, I crushed tomatoes, a box of crushed tomatoes with juice is impeccable, it is added to the minced meat on which we mixed salt, pepper, parsley, purple garlic and chopped red onions in a very fine duxelle and that it has been sauteed a little before, the tomato is mixed well, the seasoning is rectified, salt, pepper, celery salt, a pinch of nutmeg, and hop the puree is poured into the dish and Simone car, it's Dad honking his horn, good appetite!
My suggestion: See above

15 succulent and varied recipes for parmentier hash

Do you like parmentier hash? Good news, CuisineAZ presents its selection of 15 tasty and varied recipes so that you never stop tasting it hellip And pure & eacutee, what good is it!

Traditionally made with minced (beef) meat and mashed potatoes in pure, the chopped parmentier is one of the best known and most appreciated gratins of all, for years. According to the legend, it was a certain Antoine Parmentier, a pharmacist and nutritionist of his time, who created the parmentier hash in the eighteenth century, and made him go to Louis XVI, convinced that the potato, the best known, could be known. famine & hellip In any case, today, parmentier hash is a family dish that goes far beyond the borders of our dear country: even Canadians (Chinese), English (cottage pie) or Scots (shepherds) adopt & eacute and keep consuming it. Besides, not just one but a multitude of recipes exist for cooking parmentier hash. The ground beef? It is replaced by squid, duck, chicken, fish or even shrimp, if you wish. The puree of potatoes? It can also be replaced with other pureed vegetables or added with various spices and spices. And that's not all: other ingredients such as onions, mushrooms, peas or tomato sauce can be added to the pre-prepared minced meat of parmentier minced meat. In short, so many possibilities that allow you to vary the pleasures and always reconcile with this dish if you like it.

Through this selection of 15 gourmet and varied recipes for parmentier hash, you are d & eacutevoil & eacutes the chopped parmentier with peas and carrots, les mini chopped beef parmentier & aggravates polenta, le chopped parmentier & aggravates the proven & ccedilale, le chopped parmentier with duck confit, le hachis parmentier v & eacuteg & eacutetarien, le minced chicken parmentier & aggravates the & rsquoail, le chopped parmentier with shrimp, le chopped parmentier with small vegetables, le chopped parmentier with tomatoes or the chopped black pudding parmentier with apples, to name just a few examples. M & ecircme le minced parmentier & eacuteconomique with steaks (beef) hash & eacutes You are also ready to avoid being in pure hellip. Nice, aren't you?

With this selection of 15 gourmet recipes of parmentier hash, be sure to turn your everlasting recipe into one or more much more original, tasty and varied version (s). Lass & eacute (e), you will be? Oh no, plut & ocirct charm & eacute (e)!

Hachis Parmentier - a traditional recipe

This is a beef parmentier hash recipe based on the traditional parmentier hash recipe. There are several, but this one turns out to be easier to execute. For the preparation of the beef parmentier beef, take a large saucepan, fill it with water to cook the peeled and cut potatoes in half. Cooking should take about 20 minutes (this varies depending on the size of the potatoes). Next, remove the potatoes and mash them using a puree press. If you don’t have one, a fork will do. Once all the potatoes are well crushed, add butter and milk. Get ready to have a good homemade parmentier hash.

When well mixed, it’s time to put in the egg yolk so that the puree is well consistent. Then peel the carrots and onions and cut into small pieces. Take a skillet and fry in it with a little olive oil for 5 minutes. Then add the rest of the ingredients i.e. beef, crushed garlic clove and continue cooking for about fifteen minutes. At the same time, preheat your oven to 180 ° C (thermostat 7) to perfect this preparation, which is one of the best Parmentier hash recipes.

After 15 minutes, it’s time to add the parsley leaves as well as the beef broth to the preparation, then the 4 spices and thyme. Prepare a dish for the oven. Put a layer of puree for the parmentier at the bottom, then a layer of meat, then spread the rest of the puree one last time. Sprinkle with chopped parmentier, parmesan or grated gruyere before putting in the oven for about 30 minutes. In short, the best way to make a fluffy parmentier hash is to follow the various steps of preparation mentioned above. You now know how to make a parmentier hash.

Tip / s:

For easy parmentier hash preparation, use a built-in oven. Not only is it more convenient, but it’s a high-performance device. Thus, you can make a quick parmentier hash. Indeed, making a parmentier hash can be time consuming if you don’t have high-performance, suitable utensils.

To make it look more crunchy, sprinkle your breadcrumbs. Be aware that there are different ways to make breadcrumbs using for example cookies, bread, hazelnuts and so on.

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