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The jam of the green beds

The jam of the green beds

  • 200 ml of water,
  • 500 g sugar,
  • about 50 small green beds (preferably of the plum variety),
  • 3-4 tablespoons lemon juice,
  • a few drops of vanilla essence or 1 sachet of vanilla sugar.

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Green aubergine jam:

The eggplants are washed and a small lid is cut around the spine. Drain the seeds with a teaspoon. Scald in boiling water for 4-5 minutes, three times. Remove and place with the cut side down, to drain well. Water, sugar and lemon juice are boiled until a well-bound syrup is obtained. Add the eggplants and continue boiling over low heat for another 25-30 minutes, occasionally collecting the foam that forms on the surface. Towards the end, add the vanilla essence. The jam is put hot, in the washed and sterilized jars. For an even better taste, the eggplants can be filled with walnut kernels and strips of lemon or orange peel.

1 kg gogonele
1 kg of sugar
the juice of a lemon
a cinnamon stick
100 gr ground walnuts

Step 1:
Wash the gogons and cut them into pieces. Peel a squash, grate it and put it in a bowl. Sprinkle the sugar on top and pour the lemon juice. Mix well and cover. You have to soak for at least 4 hours (I prefer to leave them overnight).

Step 2:
Put all the composition from the fig in a pot and let it boil for about 15 minutes. Be careful not to stick so it doesn't stick! Put it back in the bowl, leave it to cool and then put it in the fridge again for a few hours (I leave it again for 12 hours).

Step 3:
Bring to a boil over low heat again. Now add the cinnamon stick and ground walnuts. Mix well and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.

Step 4:
Put it hot in jars and keep it in bed for a few days (wrapped in beds). Afterwards, keep in a cool place.

Maybe you can't believe it gogonele jam (also called green patlags or tomatoes) is preferred by Americans. They eat it especially in summer and prefer it very cold. Try this recipe too and you will have a delicious taste!

The jam of the green beds

Green platters, prepared from cheerful platters, dancing on a quality note of a perfect recipe.

  • Unique and strong taste, ensured by the quality of the material used.
  • NO preservatives or food additives
  • Sterilization by bain-marie method


Green strawberries, sugar, lemon.

Nutritional values:

Energetic value 301.2kcal / 1307.4kj / 100g
proteins 0.5g / 100g
LIPID 0g / 100g
CARBOHYDRATE 76.1g / 100g
Soluble dry matter 77,2%.

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An original transformation of the plantains predestined to be sour in winter in a good delicacy to greet you in the morning with a cup of tea, this sweetness conquered us when we first tasted it in the yard of a housewife who knew the recipe from her grandmother, what she knew from her grandmother and so on. The contrast of sweet and slightly bitter with a unique autumn aroma that whispers to everyone a story to please the soul, the sweetness of the green beds deserves a place in your pantry to balance the supremacy of the fruits. It is a jam that knows how to give flavor to the various cakes with the filling that you prepare at home.

Storage tips:

Store in a dry and cool place, away from sunlight and frost.
After opening, store in the refrigerator.
Shelf life after opening 30 days.

I boiled until the nuts softened and the syrup thickened. We put a drop on a plate and if it doesn't stretch it's ready.
We put them in sterilized jars, turn them with the lid down and leave them to cool. From the given quantities, 3 jars of 150 g come out. Enjoy!

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For the jam, the elongated and not too big paddles are chosen. Cut into quarters or halves (those that are small), remove the seeds and boil in water with vinegar. Color, before removing from the heat, with vegetable green (3-4 drops) and for flavor, also then add vanilla sugar, if no vanilla stick has been put.

When the water boils, add the eggplants and bring to a boil for about an hour.

Vinegar strengthens them immediately, so they boil hard. But this is also the purpose of this process to maintain shape. If they are boiled directly in the syrup, without being boiled, in advance, in water with vinegar, they will soak too much and they will deform. After that, put them in a strainer, rinse well with a stream of water, drain, even press a little with your hand in the strainer, soak too much and deform.

After that, they are put in strainers, then weighed. Their weight will be equal to the weight of the added sugar. The sugar (1 kg) is dissolved in 1/2 l of water and when the syrup boils, add the eggplants, lemon juice or glucose and vanilla.

Green walnut jam

Green walnut jam, traditional, old recipe, simple recipe with all the secrets, as it used to be: with lemon, water, sugar and fruit. Written recipe and video step by step, with all the secrets to make a beautiful jam, golden, not brown or black.

I invite you to make together a delicious, natural, preservative-free green walnut jam # 128578

4. Prepare a bowl-bowl with cold water and lemon slices, in which to put the cleaned walnuts.

Find each of the recipes by clicking on the picture. I highly recommend you to try them and I look forward to you coming back, telling us how they turned out. They are simple recipes, as natural as possible, without chemicals or other unnecessary ingredients. & # 128578

Green walnut jam recipe has also been tried by our dear readers, below you can see only some of the goodies prepared by them:

The jam of the green beds

200 ml of water, 500 g of sugar, about 50 small green beds (preferably of the plum variety), 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice, a few drops of vanilla essence or 1 sachet of vanilla sugar.

Difficulty: low | Time: 45 min

TUESDAY TABLE & # 8211 Daniel TACHE & # 8211 Green aubergine jam

There were two books I read and read in my childhood: Romanian legends or fairy tales and the cookbook. From the first I learned that good always defeats evil, from the second, that it is often extremely difficult to distinguish between good and evil.

Thrown from one corner of the kitchen to another, with the pages almost brittle, yellowed by steam and smoke, The cookbook of Maria Deleanu, printed, I think, through the years & # 821750, attracted my attention, first of all, through the font used for the cover. Chubby, with flourishes that even imagined the pages of the book, the font was reminiscent of other, better times. Opening it, I would discover that intuition had not deceived me. The recipes, written in a Romanian that kept some of the aromas of the interwar period, brought before my eyes a world in which oil was called oil, noodles, iofca, and baked cabbage, bigus. Believe me, in the empty shelves of Romania in the last years of communism, the image of a lunch to choose between anghemaht and turkey with dried apricots was as tempting as an adventure in the lost world of Arthur Conan Doyle.

Strange, but it was from that cookbook, full of wonders, that I learned that cooking time is even more important than the ingredients used. And that more important than all is something that cannot be quantified, something written in small letters, in parentheses: as you like, to taste, if necessary. By subjective definition, taste cannot be measured. In fact, following the recipe never guarantees success. It all depends, in the end, on the chef's inspiration.

This is why ideologies, these recipes for general happiness, have never been able to convince me. Especially since it does not say anywhere, not even in small letters, that the success of the implementation of a political program, ideologized as it contains, depends not only on one reality or another or the historical moment, but, first of all, on something that does not it can be measured, by the consciousness of those engaged, with or without their will, in this process.

We are witnessing, lately, a repositioning of the parties on the political stage. In another historical context, one in which other actors would evolve on the political scene, I would have said that the re-ideologizing of the parties is a first sign of their maturation. However, taking into account the historical moment, the actors involved, but especially the general lack of consciousness, I am afraid that, in a few years, I will have to get back to the cookbook. Where did she get lost?

Ingredients Goggle jam for the winter

  • 1-1.2 kilograms of gogonele
  • 500-600 grams of green bell pepper (I used 560 grams)
  • 200 grams of onions
  • 4-5 large cloves of garlic
  • 40 grams of ginger (about 4 cm of ginger root)
  • 300 ml. white wine or apple cider vinegar with a strength of 9 °
  • 300 grams of caster sugar
  • 60 grams of salt
  • 6 tablespoons (or to taste) TABASCO ® green pepper sauce

Preparation Winter gogonele jam

1. First, wash the gogons well and clean the tails. Then cut it in half and, with a knife, remove the wood next to the tail.

2. Then chop the gogonelles finely, into cubes smaller than 1 cm. Collect them all in a large saucepan.

3. Cut the bell peppers, wash, drain and cut in half. Peel a squash, grate it and chop it in the same way.

4. Chop the onion, crush the garlic and grate / finely chop the ginger. Put them all in the same pan with the gogonele and the bell pepper.

6. Add the vinegar to the pan, then the salt and sugar.

7. Put the pan on medium heat and stir a few times. As soon as the gogonele jam starts to boil, a lot of liquid will form in the pan, in which the chopped vegetables will float. Reduce heat to low and continue to boil the gogonele jam, stirring occasionally.

8. The gogonele jam is ready after about an hour and a half, when it has dropped and the liquid has the consistency of a syrup. Be careful, in this last phase of cooking it is possible to catch the bottom, so it must be closely monitored, stirring insistently on the bottom of the pan.

9. Turn off the heat and add TABASCO ® green pepper sauce to taste. I put almost half a bottle because this type of Tabasco is not very spicy, rather fragrant, but everyone can put more or less, depending on how accentuated it wants to be the spicy note of the sweetness of the gogonele.

Winter gogonele jam & # 8211 bottling

10. As for any other can, for bottling this jam from gogons, very clean and sterilized jars and lids will be used, this hygiene of the way of working being what ensures the perfect preservation of the product.

Turn on the oven and set it at 150 degrees Celsius. Wash very well with warm water and dishwashing detergent, their jars and lids, rinsing well in a few waters. Be careful, there is nothing wrong with reusing some older lids, and I do this, but it is essential that they are not deformed or rusty, in which case they will not be able to seal the compote jar and its deterioration is safe! Put the lids and clean jars on the oven tray, with a distance between them, and put them in the oven for at least 15 minutes, during which time they will dry and sterilize. Alternatively, the lids can be placed in a bowl in which boiling water is poured over them, scalding them.

11. Pour the hot gogonele jam into the prepared jars as shown in point 10. From the amount of ingredients on the list above, I got 4 jars of 375 ml.

12. Immediately, I screwed up the lids and turned the jars upside down. After 5 minutes, I turned them back and wrapped them in a few thick layers of textiles, like in a nest. I let them cool slowly. After cooling, make sure that the jars are well sealed, ie that we cannot press on the slightly convex part of the lid with a slight noise. If we can "crack" a lid, the contents of that jar must be consumed as soon as possible. Mine sealed perfectly, that's why two of them were consumed immediately :)).

And just like that, for inspiration, to see what I did with this gogonele jam, here it is:

Green walnut jam traditional recipe

The next day, prepare the jars in which the jam will be placed. No need to specify that they must be clean, greasy and free of any odor. For jams, smaller jars of 200 & # 8211 300 g are usually used - because, isn't it ?, hard essences are kept in small containers. Water, sugar and quartered lemon are boiled until a syrup is obtained. Remove the nuts from the bowl in which they were kept overnight, rinse well under running cold water, then drain, drain and add to the boiling syrup. Green walnut jam traditional recipe

Leave on medium heat until the syrup starts to boil again, then turn the heat to low and keep the jam on the fire for about an hour. The walnuts darken a little, become soft and juicy and the syrup binds nicely.

Video: Μελιτζανα τουρσι απο τον Γιαννη (November 2021).