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Pancakes filled with cream cheese and avocado

Pancakes filled with cream cheese and avocado

This recipe is a continuation of a previously published article where I promised to come with the rest of the recipe. It's about the recipe "Pancakes stuffed with mushrooms and pumpkin" that you can find on my blog and here on the site. As I said then, the pile of pancakes was half filled with mushrooms and pumpkin. The other half was filled with homemade cheese cream and avocado.

  • -pancakes made from a mixture of rye flour and wheat bran flour
  • -100 g goat cheese
  • -3-4 tablespoons sour cream
  • -1 sea avocado
  • -1 bell peppers
  • -1 red onion
  • -1 dill connection
  • -100 g smoked muscle
  • -condiments (oregano, basil, green pepper, salt)

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Pancakes filled with cream cheese and avocado:

I obtained the homemade cheese cream by mixing the cheese with the sour cream, to which I added spices. And the recipe for homemade cheese cream can be found on the site //retete/crema-de-branza-facuta-in-casa-49993.html.

What I brought new this time was to add avocado, bell pepper and smoked mussels in addition to red onions and dill. So I took a few slices of cheese, this time I used goat cheese, pounded them with a fork and mixed them with sour cream. Finely chopped red onions and dill I added to the cream cheese together with diced avocado, bell pepper and smoked muscle. As spices I used oregano, basil, green pepper, salt. With this composition I filled the rest of the pancakes.

Avocado cream with cottage cheese and garlic

We invite you to watch below the video recipe avocado cream with cottage cheese and garlic:

  • Avocado 2 pcs
  • Cow cheese 300 g
  • Lemon juice 2 tbsp
  • Garlic 2-3 cloves
  • Green parsley
  • Salt

Method of preparation. Step 1. Cut the avocado in half and then remove the pulp with a spoon.

Step 2. Cut the pulp into pieces and place in a bowl. Add lemon juice and salt. Pass with the vertical hand blender.

Step 3. Then add the cottage cheese, crushed garlic and green parsley.

Step 4. Knead again until everything becomes a fine paste. Tastes. Add more salt or lemon juice to taste.

Step 5. We wish you good appetite and increase your cooking recipe for avocado cream with cottage cheese and garlic.

Avocado cream with cottage cheese and garlic & # 8211 Delicatessen. Net

Method of preparation

Apple cake

Peeled apples are given through a large grater. Mix the dry ingredients flour, semolina, powder

Cheese croissants

In a bowl, mix the cheese with the soft margarine, add the egg, baking powder and flour and knead.

Eggs stuffed with avocado

Classic stuffed eggs & # 8211 with mayonnaise, homemade pate or eggplant salad & # 8211 come bundled with many calories, that's why we offer you a light alternative, but just as delicious.

Much healthier than traditionally stuffed eggs and perfect as a festive appetizer on New Year's Eve. Avocado paste successfully replaces mayonnaise, so you don't have to worry about the number of calories. What do you say, try?

Ingredients for eggs stuffed with avocado:

1/2 teaspoon granulated garlic

chives and smoked paprika, for decoration

Method of preparation:

Peel an egg and cut it in half. Mix the yolks, avocado and lime juice in a bowl. Add the granulated garlic and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Put the composition in the egg halves, decorate with freshly chopped chives, smoked paprika and pan-fried asparagus.

Pancakes with cheese and baked dill

Pancakes with cheese and baked dill. Appetizer pancakes filled with cottage cheese cream, telemea, sour cream and dill, au gratin for a few minutes and served hot. A simple and tasty recipe.

My husband is a big fan of pancakes with cheese and dill and he keeps asking me to do them. I make the cream cheese from the filling with what I have around the house, mixing cottage cheese with a little sour cream, grated telemea or bellows cheese or even pieces of French cheese with mold or grated cheese scraps. A kind of recycling of cheese leftovers from the refrigerator.

The results are different every time but very tasty! In addition to chopped dill, I sometimes add green onion tails or finely chopped red onions. Even with a small clove of garlic, these pancakes are not bad. But it seems that the simple, natural version, which I present to you now, is the tastiest.

If you are looking for the recipe for sweet pancakes with cheese and raisins then I leave you this recipe.

The recipe below is for 7-8 pancakes with cheese and dill. It is calculated about 2 pancakes per person. The pancakes have a diameter of approx. 25 cm and I made them from 1/2 portion from the recipe above. I made the filling from 3 boxes of cheese You will make fat (containing cottage cheese + sour cream).

1. Put the milk and butter in a saucepan, let it simmer until the butter melts, and the composition becomes homogeneous.

2. Beat the eggs like an omelet.

3. Put the flour, sugar and salt in a bowl, gradually pour the eggs in the middle, mix well.

4. Gradually add the milk-butter and rum mixture.

Candy in a calendar box

Chocolate fruit bouquet

Chocolate Basket

Box of 4 chocolate hearts

5. Heat a non-stick pan and pour with the polish from the above composition, it is not necessary to add butter or oil to the pan, because the composition already contains butter, and the pancakes will come off easily. Do not fry the pancakes too hard.

Filling the pancakes with cream cheese:

1. Turn on the oven to heat to 180 degrees.

2. Put the cottage cheese, sour cream, sugar, eggs and raisins in a bowl and mix well until you get a cream.

2. Take a tray that you lightly line with butter.

3. Take each pancake, fill it with cream cheese and wrap it. Then put the pancake in the pan. Repeat the operation until you put all the pancakes in the tray. On top put the remaining cream, liquid cream to cover a little pancakes and a little sugar for appearance.

4. Put everything in the oven for about 30 minutes until the pancakes turn golden. They can be served both hot and cold.

Bagels with cream cheese and avocado

Are you looking for delicious recipes for breakfast? Well, you can put this on the list too. A blogger from Great Britain discovered an extremely tasty combination for bagels, with cream cheese, avocado and dill.

Prepare the cream cheese with dill by mixing the two ingredients in a small bowl and seasoning them with salt and freshly ground pepper.

Put the bagels on the toaster for a few minutes, then grease them with cream cheese and arrange the avocado slices on top.

Season with a little salt and a little more pepper and enjoy them immediately.

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Pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese

Pancakes with cottage cheese are that dessert that reminds us of childhood and their taste is indescribably delicious. My mother used to make us pancakes filled with cow's cheese, which we served hot with sour cream with a fragrant tea. Although a long time has passed since then, this absolutely delicious dessert is still prepared today and is appreciated and enjoyed most of the time by the whole family.

The recipe for pancakes filled with cheese is a very easy one, especially if we prepare the pancakes in time as I did. I chose to prepare only 15-16 pancakes (from 500 ml of milk), exactly as much as we need, but you can prepare even more if you want. The method of preparation as well as the recipe in steps can be found on the following link Pancakes step by step / VIDEO. As for the filling, I opted for a fatter cow's cheese, and the secret to the cheese filling is not to add too many eggs, that's why I used 1 egg and an egg yolk to get a firm filling and not a flowing one. We also add more or less sugar to taste. The recipe is one tested many times but with the same incredibly delicious result. If you still prefer cherry pancakes, I invite you to try Guguta's Cusma cake from pancakes as it is just as delicious and refined.

I sincerely hope you like the recipe and prepare it every time you feel like it and I look forward to suggestions and comments on this recipe. And for cake lovers try and Pancake cake with chocolate and fruit / VIDEO.

Appetizer baskets with avocado cream and salmon

With this style of Appetizer baskets I think you're used to me. I say that because Appetizer baskets with Beef Salad and Appetizer baskets with cheese and beetroot, are in the top 10 most viewed recipes.

I like them a lot, I find them elegant, easy to make and with them at any table, success is guaranteed. Another similar recipe is this Mini-Tarts with cream cheese and salami.

Method of preparation:
The working method compared to the other recipes differs only from how we cut the sheets, into squares or circles. The pie sheets are unwrapped, the ones we don't work with are covered with a damp napkin, otherwise they dry quickly and break. We take a sheet, spread it and stop it with a little oil or melted butter.