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Baking with Booze: Celebrate Spring Break Like a Grown-up

Baking with Booze: Celebrate Spring Break Like a Grown-up

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Make these adult-friendly desserts, perfect for parties

Baking with Booze: Celebrate Spring Break Like a Grown-up

This time some years ago you were probably flying off to some semi-exotic location like Panama City Beach, Florida, or South Padre Island, Texas, with the rest of the collegiate community to experience the rite of passage known as Spring Break. At this point in your life it’s probably inappropriate (or at least inconvenient) to jet away for a week and do irreparable damage to your liver, so why not bake with booze instead of drinking it?

Amartha-Walnut Cookies with Brandy

Bourbon Bread Pudding

Use leftover, slightly stale brioche bread for a New Orleans-style bread pudding and soak up the rich flavors of butter, brown sugar, bourbon, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Cheddar Cheez-It Apple Pie

Add vodka to the Cheez-It crust and bourbon to the filling of this doubly boozy and cheesy apple pie.

Chocolate Layer Mousse Cake with Cognac

Layer chocolate-liqueur-spiked chocolate mousse with cognac-spiked chocolate cake, topped off with a white chocolate frosting, for a decadent layer cake dessert.

Ham and Cheese Beer Bread Muffins

Kentucky Bourbon Peach Shortcake

Top pound cake with macerated fresh peaches and a drunken caramel sauce for a simple warm-weather dessert. Store-bought pound cake makes this a ridiculously easy dessert to create.

Lemon-Blueberry Ice Cream Sandwiches

A splash of vodka goes into homemade blueberry ice cream to keep it from freezing solid. Situated between two freshly baked lemon cookies, this is the ultimate summer dessert.

Maple Bourbon Bacon Pecan Pie

Bacon grease (lard) makes for a flaky bacon-flavored crust that pairs perfectly with maple bourbon bacon pecan filling. Bourbon whipped cream is the clear choice for a topper.

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