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Easter Honey Cake

Easter Honey Cake

Put the eggs in a bowl, add the caster sugar and vanilla sugar and mix well.

Add the palm oil (butter) and continue mixing. Optionally I also put the peel of a finely grated lemon. Add flour, which was mixed with baking powder.

We put the resulting dough with a silicone spatula in the shape of a lamb that was lined with margarine and flour.

Here's how to put the form in the oven. You need a tray in which to put the shape of a lamb.

After the 40 minutes have been in the oven, leave the lamb form to cool with the dough inside, then remove the metal clips, unmold the shape and decorate the lamb.

I put white finetti chocolate in his ears, I powdered it with a little vanilla sugar, I made his eyes out of 2 cloves, and I put a string of martisor with popcorn around his neck. I cooked it, it's just good for weddings ...

It was hard for me to "cut the lamb" but it had to, because it smelled delicious ... Have a craving!

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