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Bread liver with mashed potatoes and red sauce

Bread liver with mashed potatoes and red sauce

Keep the chicken livers in milk in a plate deep enough to pour the milk over them for about an hour. Then drain well and crush with your fingers or fork, mix with finely grated cheese, salt and pepper and then give through flour mixed with egg and finally through breadcrumbs. Fry.

Then they are served with mashed potatoes made from boiled potatoes and mashed with milk, butter, salt and pepper. The red sauce is prepared from tomatoes in broth with onion and carrot, hardened and quenched with a little wine. Decorate with a little green onion. big!

Wash the chicken liver well with cold water, wipe it with a paper napkin and season it with a little salt and pepper.

If the pieces are bigger, cut them a little smaller so that they penetrate better, if it is smaller, leave it whole.

In a bowl beat the egg with a little garlic powder and salt.

Pass the liver through the flour, beaten egg, then again through the flour and egg and fry it in hot oil. Leave it on one side for a minute then turn it on the other side and repeat. What I wanted to write to you is that the procedure is not the same as for the classic schnitzel with chicken, for example, it must be turned twice on one side and on the other.

Remove the breaded livers on a paper towel and serve with a salad or as I wrote above with mashed potatoes and pickles. Or yes :)

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Pork muscles with puree and red sauce

Along with the chicken noodle soup, the pork steak is part of the sentimental gastronomic baggage that I have been carrying (not carrying, carrying) with me since childhood. Sunday food, not everyday. From Monday to Saturday there were others, soups, salad soups or pods, stews with or without meat, cauliflower or breaded zucchini (if it was their time), eggplant salad, oriental salad, bean soup with or without smoking. The clear soup with yellow coins of homemade chicken lard and the steak with mashed potatoes and red sauce reached the family table only on Sundays. Soup recipes can still be found on my blog, in many ways. Steak recipes as well.

Now, about the steak: the pork tenderloin was a rare and expensive piece. Mine raised pigs, but pigs have only two muscles each. It's easy to understand that they ended quite quickly (my father made them stuffed with chopped, wrapped in a steamer and baked slowly, until they got the consistency of a pastrami). The steak was made from meat taken out of the freezer or, rarely, it was made in the winter and put in a jar in lard. It was also made from fresh meat, after the supplies ran out, usually from the chop (rarely the nape of the neck), the thigh, the shoulder or the ribs.

Today I give you a recipe with muscle. What do you need to know about muscle? That it burns quite quickly and that, if you don't dry it, it stays quite fragile. How do you keep it from drying out? You can season it with coarse salt and pepper, fry it well and evenly on all sides (about 10 minutes) in a pan with a little oil, then put it in the oven heated to 200 degrees Celsius for more 10 minutes (maybe more, maybe less, depending on the size of the muscle). To check that it is done, stick a spike in the thickest part (a metal one), hold it there for 10 seconds and then stick it to the wrist, where the skin is thinner. Don't burn yourself, but if the thorn is hot, it means that in the center of the piece of meat you have a temperature high enough for it to be made but also juicy at the same time (or you could use a meat thermometer, at 70-71 degrees Celsius you can take the meat out of the oven and let it rest for 2-3 minutes, long enough for the temperature inside to reach 73 degrees Celsius).

As for mashed potatoes, the simple thing is: boil them in salted water, crush them with melted butter in milk (about 30% of the amount of potatoes). The red sauce is even simpler: three basil leaves and a clove of garlic crushed in a pan with a little oil, mashed tomatoes or broth, salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar, leave on low heat until it drops as much as you want. Knowing all. To be healthy.

Liver in vegetable sauce

After a tiring day of work, we recommend a delicious recipe but very easy to prepare: Liver in vegetable sauce. Good appetite!

& # 8211 500 g poultry liver
& # 8211 an onion
& # 8211 a carrot
& # 8211 a few cloves of garlic
& # 8211 red wine
& # 8211 tomato paste
& # 8211 spices to taste

Method of preparation
& # 8211 put the stewed livers in the covered pan in which a few drops of water are added (avoid frying that is not good for health)
& # 8211 when the livers are almost done add the finely chopped onion, chopped garlic cloves and grated carrot
& # 8211 towards the end add a tablespoon of tomato paste and a little red wine and leave without a lid, evaporate the alcohol from the wine, leave only the aroma
& # 8211 season to taste
& # 8211 is served as such or with mashed potatoes or rice

Chicken liver with tomato and garlic sauce

Tender and juicy livers in a fragrant tomato sauce. Ready in half an hour! What could you want better than that, faster and more satisfying? If you put a tablespoon or two of velvety mashed potatoes with them, it's really a food like at home. & # 8220Comfort food& # 8221 I think I call the English in this language this kind of food.

Chicken livers are usually quick and easy to cook. They are delicious especially if they remain juicy and do not need too many additives. I make a good team with onions, the more, the better, with the tomato sauce and last but not least with the garlic. We have them all together in today's great recipe.

Some side dish ideas that go great with liver and sauce:
  • mashed potatoes, made properly, with butter and milk
  • natural potatoes over which you put 2-3 small cubes of butter, sprinkle with ground pepper and finely chopped fresh parsley
  • a hot polenta (see the recipe here)
  • a simple garnish of boiled rice

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