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Dessert pie with cream cheese (fromage blanc)

Dessert pie with cream cheese (fromage blanc)

In a 20/30 cm tray we put baking paper, we chose a tray in which the pie sheet should cover the high edges.

Place the first sheet of pie on the baking paper, grease it with melted butter, place the second sheet, grease it in the same way with melted butter until we put 4 sheets all greased with butter (optionally, between the greased sheets you can also put the grated peel of lemon or orange, I didn't put it because I don't like it).

Separate the eggs, beat the egg whites together with the salt, then add 100g of sugar and mix again until you get a meringue-like foam.

Mix the yolks together with the rest of the sugar, the vanilla sachet and the vanilla essence, until it acquires a whitish color, then add the cream cheese in my case (or fatty yogurt) together with

the starch and mix again until everything is well mixed.

Using a silicone paddle, put the egg white composition and mix lightly from bottom to top to obtain a fluffy and airy composition.

Divide the resulting composition into 5 (I did everything by sight: D)

Over the already greased pie sheets, put the first part of the composition (about 4 tablespoons), sprinkle a few raisins (raisins must be soaked, because the pie is moist and enough to swell them).

Then, we put another sheet of pie, grease it with melted butter, but in the tray we bend it at the ends so as not to climb on the edges (only the first 4 sheets must be left whole to cover the pie at the end) we put the second part composition, and raisins, again the 6th sheet of pie greased with butter, and composition, raisins until done.

Before the last remaining sheet, we pull the sheets from the edges inside the pie so that it doesn't burn when baked, but also so that the pie looks nice, then we put the last sheet of pie, grease it with the rest of the butter and pour the remaining composition on top. Level nicely and put the tray in the preheated oven for approx. 40 minutes at 170 ° C.

After the cake is baked, let it cool for half an hour, so you can cut it, then powder it with powdered sugar.

Good appetite!

Ingredients for smart cake 4 eggs 2 glasses of milk (hot). We have reached over 100 cake recipes and you will find here the best homemade cakes. Coconut cream: 100 gr coconut, 200 ml milk, 150 gr. Find this Pine and more in festive cakes from Ionela Suceava.

Top: Mix the sugar with the vanilla and margarine essence until you get a cream. Gradually add eggs, then milk, flour and baking powder.