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Prepare the top first, rub the egg whites with the sugar until they become foam, then add the yolks one by one, stirring continuously and at the end, Crem Ole de chocolate. Grease the pan with a little oil, put the composition and simmer for 15 minutes.

Separately soak the gelatin in 200 ml of cold water. 450 ml of sweet cream is put in a saucepan to heat together with vanilla essence, add chopped chocolate and mix until the latter melts. Leave to cool and when it reaches a temperature easily tolerated by hand, incorporate it into the gelatin cream, stirring constantly. refrigerate to cool completely. Separately, beat the 600 ml sweet cream with the whipping cream hardener, and when the cream is very cold, add the whipped cream slowly from top to bottom.

Melt the dark chocolate in the microwave, incorporate the cream in it and mix well, then leave to cool. When all the creams are cooled, start assembling the cake. On the bottom of a tor form a plastic foil is placed, then pour vanilla mousse in a layer of about two fingers, then with the help of a syringe for garnish it is drawn with dark chocolate cream sticks, between sticks are placed cherries without compote seeds .

Cake with sweet cheese and cherries

The mascarpone cream, velvety and beautiful soda, perfect for tiramisu and more. Passion Cake (Passion Cake0) recipe image Romanian Recipes, Recipes. Coffee Recipes, Cake Recipes, Products.

A fine and refreshing cake, with whipped cream, mascarpone and raspberries. Alternative idea for women's party, a beautiful cake bouquet of roses from. Users also like these ideas. Beautiful, fresh, delicious, unusual this cake has a lot of quality, too. Delivered by World of Fairy Tales International. Name: A to Z, Name: Z to A, Price: Ascending, Price: Descending. We recommend Belcolade cake: white chocolate, dark chocolate and cherries.

Belcolade cake is ideal for anniversaries, weddings and baptisms. This pine was discovered by Bella Myra. Reverso Context offers contextual translation from Romanian to Italian for "cake", with examples: cake, a cake, a cake, chocolate cake, cake.

Today, Bella proposes a seasonal recipe: cake with jam.

Belcolade Noir

Real dark Belgian chocolate in the form of drops

  • Extra fine Belgian chocolate
  • 55% cocoa mass content
  • Ideal for flavoring, ganache, mousses, chocolate figurines, tablets and pralines or decorations
  • 100% natural vanilla
  • 100% cocoa butter.

Genuine Belgian chocolate

When you say "Belgium", a lot of people in different parts of the world will think of "chocolate". At Belcolade, we are proud to be part of the tradition and heritage that has brought Belgian chocolate this extraordinary reputation. We set ourselves extremely high quality standards and offer considerable added value, both through innovation and services to our customers. For this reason, all our chocolate assortments are - and always have been - produced in our factory in Erembodegem, Belgium. Our company is the only one on the market still owned by Belgian owners: the guarantee of the experience of authentic Belgian chocolate.

Setting quality standards The essence of Belcolade chocolate is its unparalleled taste. An experience resulting from the very careful selection of the best quality cocoa beans from around the world, combined with expertise in combining ingredients. To guarantee the quality standards we are proud of, we use only 100% cocoa butter and 100% natural vanilla in our products. Our Belcolade chocolate is prepared according to the traditional Belgian process of mixing, grinding, crushing and tempering, a process that we have perfected over decades of experience to obtain the unique taste of Belcolade chocolate.

A varied palette of authentic Belgian chocolate Puratos offers a palette with a unique diversity of flavors, suitable for a multitude of applications of finished products. We also develop specific flavors, adapted to your individual requirements.

Belcolade Selection's favorite ranges - dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate - offer a range of tastes as vast and complex as each application. For those looking for a distinctive taste profile, Belcolade Origins captures the unique bouquet from the specific regions where the cocoa beans used to make that chocolate are grown. We also offer a certified range of sustainable products. Through our Belgian chocolate, we try to inspire culinary professionals around the world to adapt traditional recipes and discover innovative applications in pastry and chocolate, combining Belcolade with new and exciting flavors.

Rumba cake with walnuts, cherries and wafer sheets is a delicious cake, beautifully colored and easy to prepare. Like the Mosaic cake, this cake is made with wafer sheets and vanilla cream. apricots, at Rumba cake we have cherries.


A few weeks ago, Narcissus from Imagia told me that if I don't eat mousses from Friandise, I'm not a whole man. Today I arrived in the area where the laboratory is (it's complicated to explain but I think it's easier for Cluj residents to find their way around the Napolact store on Aurel Vlaicu - the laboratory is right under the store, you can see it from the bridge) and I went in to I see what it's about. A young lady explained to me what's wrong with the mousses, I chose three different ones, I paid handsomely and arrived home as a teleporter, thinking of the wonders in the flour box that the young lady had put in my arms. . After I got home…

After the first teaspoon, I said to myself like the Transylvanian who saw the giraffe: "no, there is no such thing!". I don't know how to describe your joy, sensuality, finesse and aromas, so I'd better shut up until I get to Friandise again, to get another box of mousses. I have to build myself up somehow because I ate the first ones too fast, for good reason. So I'll tell you more about Friandise mousses.


Well, it's not fair, I now sit and salivate at them and in Brasov I can't find such a thing, I'll make you make me a package with mousses :))

Social comments and analytics for this post…

This post was mentioned on Twitter by AdiHadean: new on the blog about nippe sparkling sweets:…

Doo today? You want to dehydrate me, of course! =))
It looks insane and I take your word for it that you saw the giraffe to taste!

If the taste is like the appearance… Please send them to the confectioners and through Bucharest!

And in Brasov: D although after seeing it here I am tempted to visit my friends in Cluj: D

Who made me eat a lighter week. to stay ? :(

No such thing is impossible, it does not exist, I have not seen. (Paula closed this page and opened the confectionery page and died of lust)

Luckily I will be on my way to Cluj soon… maybe even sooner than I had planned :)

I'm in Bran now! How do we do Mr. Adrian? it was raining in my mouth and I think the nearest mousse is 160km and 3 hours of traffic. Anyway, I do gastronomic tourism at Casa cu Cerb for papanasi and bean soup at Danes in Sighisoara on weekends. It seems that you are also sending me to Cluj :-)

Send them to Buzăăăăăăăăăăăău. : ((

at the latest I am there on Monday. How good it looks.

Deer House? MMMM :-)
Elenuka, I would send :-)
Marius, you will like it :-)
The fairy of efficiency, perfect!
Paula, of!
Matilda, I want you to meet them.
AlexT, yes!
Manole, I know, bad man :-))
Gabriela, life is hard :-)

Mr. Hădean, please take it, take two or three boxes of these sweets and put them for us at the Cantina cu ghezeșu in Bucharest, mintenaș, at the godfather of the first class sleeping car! Seal the package well so that the employees who don't like it don't like it because it's a big mess! Thank you in advance!

Aunt Jeni, we don't joke about things like this, so don't worry, I'll send it to her! :-))

not fair… I have a little more and I give birth, and the baby in me only sees mousse now :)

Alex, I don't know, I don't know :-))
Mirela without a joke, I wish you an easy birth and both of you to be healthy and happy :-).

hmmm… find out more about Puratos! I saw that I keep thanking them on the site. it's not ok, it's all kinds of dust, I call it carcotasa (I saw what I can do with an envelope full of E's and preservatives when there were demonstrations at Libra…) I stop here because I spoil my appetite!
I prefer you on the mat! :)

Puratos is the only supplier for BELCOLADE real Belgian chocolate, without cocoa butter substitutes. The other ingredients are also NATURAL (DORNA whipped cream and fruit juices), for FRIANDISE cakes
it seems normal to thank the collaborators.

Friandise was the only coffee lab whose threshold we crossed last year in search of our wedding CAKE. After an hour and a half we tasted various combinations of mousses we decided that this should be our "fitza" for the wedding (fitza due to the price and nothing else). I valued quality and it was the most correct decision. We can't wait for various family events to order another cake.

I'm waiting for you to discover the preparation process, your recipe is definitely healthier, so give it another go in the lab…. :))

Mika, I don't want to steal secrets. It's better to let the professionals do their job. I'm not saying not to try, I'm just saying to give Caesar what's Caesar's :-)

They are the best cakes in Cluj, maybe in the country. I buy them about once a month, they are a bit expensive, but they are worth the money.

Because I saw some people from Bucharest asking Adi for a "package", I tell you that you can find delicious bestial mousse mousse here as well :) More precisely at the Delicateria from Dorobanti (at almost all the delicacies, in fact) or at the Agapitos confectioneries. They are super good, believe me on my word sweet lover :)

I was shaving her and moderating a conference, just at the foot of Feleac, when I saw Adi's message. No, I say, I have to see what's up with Friandise. And I stayed at the zoo as a Transylvanian :)
I don't think I ate anything like that at Sacher in Vienna either!
The cakes from Agapitos are also very good… but I dreamed of going back to Cluj :)

Romulus, I'm glad you found the post useful :-)

Many vb without knowing what it's about, some you know but too little to give your opinion and draw hasty conclusions. If you do not know go and try not to die stupid. if that's so expensive what else to say about a pack of cigarettes. I'm waiting to come home. I promise FRIANDISE that in this short vacation of two weeks I will enter but I will forget to leave ”.

so yes, I went to Friandise yesterday and ... yes. Very good. I delighted my taste buds with a berry mousse, along with a strawberry mousse.
Delicious :)

I think I heard about Friandise last year and I ended up shopping only after seeing Adi's comments. I mention that I live about 200 m from the confectionery. I bought 6. I recognize two of them in the pictures on the blog. Acceptable price (approx. 30 lei). After you put them in the fridge to thaw, you have to wait about two hours until you can enjoy them. Fresh flavors and interesting combinations that you can't find in any traditional confectionery. I liked more "foam" with chocolate and mint, but the chocolate is not dark as I was informed in the confectionery but with a lot of milk (more recently I like chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa). In short, good, but do not die of their longing.

P.S. I like the half-turned plum cake at this time.

pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz diacritics! He kills me :(

Anca, if you arrange at the Academy to take them out of the Romanian language, for sure, with pleasure :).

Ardeleanu said: There is no such thing! :)
The mousses are delicious… I'm afraid it's addictive.

I previously received a free coupon for a tasting at Friandisse. your word, such a thing does not exist. they asked me to schedule the meeting and they offered me all the cakes in the miniature version, plus croissants, meringues, chocolate and I don't even know what, everything for 2 people. In addition, the owner's daughter told me the history of the business. it's actually the work and life of a woman and her two daughters. wonderful and absolutely admirable. and besides, all the ingredients are real, nothing in the chemistry lab.
plus they introduced the concept of blended cakes from which they make beautiful wedding cakes, ready to be portioned and which are served quickly and perfectly hygienically.
I am glad that we have such kind ladies in Cluj, just as I am glad that we have Adi Hadean.

[…] The representative product for Friandise is definitely the "Mousse", in the most diverse and delicious forms it can take. The ingredients used in the preparation of mousses are 100% natural, without artificial colors or flavors, they are prepared by hand and are designed in such a way as to create a few seconds of true euphoria for the taster. Adi Hadean is of the same opinion, and you can read about his experience in an article written some time ago on his personal blog. If you want to see the article, you can click on the link, but don't forget to return to our blog, because you have to read about the Friandise news for your wedding. See Adi Hadean's article here. […]

It really looks very good, I felt like I couldn't take it anymore.

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A few weeks ago, Narcis from Imagia told me that if I don’t trey the mousse from Friandise I’m not a complete person. Today I got in the neighboring area of ​​the laboratory (it's hard to explain, but for the ones living in Cluj, you can take the Napolact store on Aurel Vlaicu street as a reference point - the lab is right under the store, you can see it from the bridge) and I went to see what it's all about. A young lady explained to me all about the mousses, I picked three different ones, I paid for them and I teleported myself at home, thinking about the magic in the nice box that was handed to be by the young lady. After I got home…

After the first teaspoon I told myself the same thing the Transylvanian man told himself when he first saw a giraffe: This can’t be! I don’t know how I can describe the joy, the sensuality, the finesse and the flavors, so I will keep my mouth shut until I get back to Friandise to get another box of mousses. I have to get things clear in my head, because I ate the first one too fast, that’s how delicious they were. You will therefore learn more about the Friandise mousses.

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Recipes with Laura Laurențiu is one of the first culinary blogs in Romanian. Launched in 2009, the blog has gathered around it an enthusiastic community of cooking enthusiasts. Recipes with Laura Laurențiu offers step-by-step recipes with photos and video recipes, for a sure success Also in other areas of the country we find various recipes under the name of langosi, recipes that you can find on the blog: langosi with urda and dill, languid with apricots, languid with cheese. Hungarian langoustine ingredients with sour cream and cheese. 500 gr flour. 200 ml of milk. 100 ml water

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recipe site In the kitchen we need help to be able to quickly and well prepare your favorite dishes. As last week we presented five magic utensils and five autumn-flavored recipes for each, to better understand their use, in today's article we list five other stars in the kitchen who do not want us. Step-by-step tutorial on how to make a recipe site. Complete information presented by a web developer with over 10 years of experience in creating websites Recipes, culinary articles, food ideas and practical advice in chefs Zeelandia SRL. DN 28, Nr. 4, Valea Lupului, Iași county, Romania, 707410 Phone: 0232 217 024 Fax: 0232 217 034. [email protected]

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Food Recipes Food Recipes - Food Recipes Explained Step by Step What recipes can you find here? Fasting food (recipes for Christian fasting) Traditional food recipes - fast and simple Food recipes with sauce, with meat or without meat Italian food recipes Food recipes with beef, chicken and lamb, minced meat Foods with meat of. . Food recipes, homemade cake recipes, appetizer recipes, traditional recipes In this article we tried to answer the most frequently asked questions about diversification that moms ask in our Facebook group: Babies - diversification and Flaveur recipes. A large part of these answers can already be found in the articles on the site and that is why I will make the necessary references to read a [

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Preparation time: 00:30 min Cost of ingredients for 6-7 servings: 19 Lei Ingredients: 100 g sugar for cream, 80 g sugar for caramel, 200 ml whipped cream .. Recipes Kate Middleton's favorite dessert. The recipe was revealed by the former royal chef Darren McGrady, former royal chef, he revealed to Delish which is the favorite dessert of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. The best traditional Romanian culinary recipes from all over the world. These are the recipes that everyone is looking for

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Other omelet recipes can be found below by clicking on the title in the images. We hope you find it useful. White cheese omelette - Ingredients [] Ciolan roll with semi-smoked sausages. 04/09/2020. Cheese sandwich and mosaic salad. 21/08/2020. Pumpkin rolls with spicy hummus Sweets sweets recipes, dessert recipes, chocolate recipes, cake and cake decorations, cream recipes, ice cream recipes, cake recipes, All photos and articles presented on this site and their copyright belong to the owner Any multiplication, copying or. Ardealul Pharmacy offers you a unique service: now you can send us your prescription online, you will then choose the pharmacy from where you want to pick up your prescription and you will be notified when it is ready for you. You will go to the pharmacy chosen with the original prescription and you will receive the medicines without waiting in line, without waiting to find or bring them.

There are quick recipes, easy recipes, simple recipes, cheap recipes with simple ingredients at everyone's fingertips or fine recipes with special ingredients. I hope you find it useful, increase cooking! To get to the recipe page, click on its name! Chinese style cauliflower with rice garnish, various recipes: from smokers, to cakes and fasting dishes, tasty soups - culinary recipes with Gina Bradea

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Flaminia Boc My name is Flaminia Boc (Flamy for short), I am 30 years old and I work in advertising, I am an online marketing specialist. I am a very creative person and I am passionate about photography, jewelry, travel and cooking. Here are 10 recipes with lentils that are not only delicious, but also healthy and rich in protein! They are perfect for fasting or for vegans and vegetarians. When you fast or decide to go on a vegan diet, it is very important to find meat substitutes rich in vegetable protein, which will help your body.

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Call us (Monday - Friday, 09:00 - 18:00) or write to us at 0772.264.642 or to the e-mail address [email protected] and asks questions about coronavirus, social, medical situations, psychological support. Semnalează situații deosebite Retete pentru diabetici O scurta introducere despre diabet si importanta regimului, sunt prezentate dieta si retete pentru prepararea meniului zilnic al unui diabetic. Sunt prezentate si calculatoare pentru necesarul de calorii, indicele de masa corporala, caloriile si indicele glicemic al alimentelor Retete Culinare Rapide Usoare Si Delicioase, Sucevita, Suceava, Romania. 3,3 K de aprecieri. Retete mancare, preparate culinare, retete rapide, retete delicioas

5 retete delicioase cu bame Bamele sunt legume prea putin cunoscute, cu toate ca efectele acestora sunt unele cu adevarat benefice pentru organism. Oatmeal is low in calories, but is a rich source of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals. Iata asadar cinci retete delicioase cu bame pe care sa le incerci si tu acasa 14 august 2020 Retete 0 Pișcoturi, cafea, oua, zahar, cacao si mascarpone: acestea sunt principalele ingrediente care compun reteța tiramisu originala italiana. Se prepara foarte ușor, baza acestui desert fiind pișcoturi înmuiate în cafea acoperite cu o crema de mascarpone și cacao amara

Începem cu foile pentru blat, patru foi cu cacao fără făină. Separăm albușurile de gălbenușuri. Albușurile se se bat spumă presărate cu sare, apoi se adaugă, treptat, 125 gr de zahăr. Gălbenușurile se amestecă cu un praf de sare și 125 gr de zahăr. Se îmbină cele două compoziții și se încorporează cacaoa.

Într-o tavă de cuptor tapetată cu hârtie de copt se întinde o foaie din compoziția pentru foi de tort în grosime de 1 cm. Vor rezulta astfel patru foi care se coc pentru 15 minute, la 190 de grade. Foile se lasă la răcit, apoi se decupează cu inelul de la forma de tort de 24 cm.

Pentru crema de mascarpone, se spumează mascarponele cu zahărul și un praf de sare, apoi se amestecă cu frișca bătută.

Pentru crema de caramel sărat, se caramelizează zahărul împreună cu apa până capătă culoarea chihlimbarului. Se adaugă smântâna lichidă și se amestecă bine până se omogenizează, apoi se adaugă untul tăiat în bucăți mici și din nou se amestecă până se omogenizează crema. La final se adaugă sarea, după gust. Se lasă crema de caramel sărat să se răcească bine, înainte de a asambla deliciosul tort cu caramel sărat.

Tortul se va asambla în interiorul formei circulare cu care decupăm foile. Așezăm prima foaie de cacao la bază și întindem peste ea 1/4 din crema caramel, apoi 1/4 din crema de mascarpone. Urmează a doua foaie cu cacao, iar caramel, mascarpone și tot așa, rezultând patru straturi uniforme de foi cu delicioasele creme deasupra.

Din resturile de foi rămase după decupare, realizăm mici cubulețe cu care decorăm deliciosul tort cu caramel sărat, deasupra. Va Rezulta un tort extrem de delicios și aspectuos, pe care îl vom da la rece pentru cel puțin 2 ore înainte de a-l secționa, pentru a se putea așeza bine și frumos straturile.

Rețeta tort spirală cu cremă de ciocolată

Rețeta acestui tort este destul de simplă. Doar trebuie să preparăm o foaie de ruladă, foaie clasică de pandișpan și o cremă de ciocolată.

Putem opta pentru un ganache simplu de ciocolată, sau pentru o cremă de cacao cu unt. Crema de cacao cu unt este mai gustoasă, chiar dacă necesită mai multe ingrediente. Este acea cremă veche care se prepara pentru umplerea prăjiturilor și torturilor.

Această cremă se prepară și la deliciosul Tort Amandină.

Indiferent pentru ce cremă optăm, tortul va fi unul foarte gustos și frumos în secțiune.

Găsiți pe blog mai multe rețete de tort, de unde vă puteți inspira. Și mai găsiți o colecție de rețete de creme pentru torturi și prăjituri, de unde o puteți alege pe cea care reprezintă gustul vostru.

Sunt rețete simple, cu puține ingrediente, cu sau fără fierbere. Pe toate vi le recomandăm, pentru că toate au avut succes la noi și la cei care le-au testat!

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Video: Belcolade Mandara recipe - Step 1: Cremeux (June 2022).


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